Rothschild’s home is chemtrail free 24/7

Ascott House

Hi Tap, Have noticed they are Chemtrailing Yorkshire
during the night again.
Also they are making it rain during the night using Haarp.
This follows what happened last year, where they made
the ground waterlogged.
Farmers had to plough lots of crops back into the ground
as they were rotting, due to continual rain.

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9:22 AM (2 hours ago)

to me
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 “Aluminium for dinner again?“:

US airmen based nearby come into my small cafe and
chat, they told me that it is to do with population control,
not weather modification as said, this is a rothschild
operation and peter mandelson bought the aliminium
from deripaska a russian mafia jew to spray us with,
this kills natural vegetaion and trees, but GM crops
are resistant, these are all owned by rothschild

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10:15 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post
 “Aluminium for dinner again?“:

they are chem trailing everywhere atnight, my nephew
 is staying with his mibile home near the rothschild
mansion as unbeliveably its pretty clear there 24/7,
he says itsa great place, his runny eyes have
cleared up and he no longer needs his asthma inhaler,
maybe we should all go there ?
i can forseee a situation where these communists
will have to be cleared out of government by
whatever means possible
Tony Taylor

TAP – sadly the last two comments are probably ‘planted’ to colour
in the presumed enemy – the jews -, but
nevertheless they raise interesting points.
The pilots wouldn’t know their sprays are for depopulation,
not weather modification, for example.

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  1. JimUK says:

    If you are experiencing breathing problems because of the constant geo engineering . aka chemtrails . do some research on Himalayan Salt Pipes, they really do help, they wont rid your body of all the toxic soup but they will help to clear all the mucus etc.and make breathing easier.
    I got mine from holland and barrett its called The Cisca Easy Saltpipe £14.99 , will last about 6 month.
    PS dont normally use H&B as they are reputed to use workfare staff [ slave labour ]

    Regards JimUK

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tap, Just got back from a Glorious Whitby, to drab, raining Doncaster.
    What have the Elite got against us.

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