The earth has all the properties of a black hole

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A late night thought from the UK.

When watching the likes of economic commentator Max Keiser or The Artist Taxi Driver, it is reminiscent of the punk era whereby the Sex Pistols created shock waves on the Bill Grundy show, shaking the foundations of established decorum: Bill Grundy Sex Pistols Interview:

There’s an almost punk-like paradigm shift happening in economics, current affairs and profoundly, in science. 

Today on the BBC’s science program-me The Infinite Monkey Cage: 
… where poster-boy Brian Cox (ghosts don’t exist) and his colleagues giggle their way through conventional theory with an air of ‘we’re so clever and funny’. In reference to HG Wells’ time machine, Brian declared time can only go forward, not backward. 

It is fascinating; BBC ‘experts’ seem so out of touch with the emerging ‘punk science’. 

Earlier this year I attended a book launch at Foyles Bookstore where company Chairman Christopher Foyle
introduced Graham Hancock
… who talked for nearly 2 hours. Graham Hancock mentioned Michael Cremo
A few years ago I could not buy Forbidden Archaeology: 
… in London’s major bookstores including Foyles. Times are changing. The last question that evening was about the satellite moon artificial construct theory. Graham Hancock responded, ‘Don’t get me started…” before talking enthusiastically for 5-10 mins about the anomalies of the moon.

New and innovative ideas are surfacing through conventional wisdom’ status quo. If atoms are just mostly space… what’s beneath me when I walk?

I understood David Icke to say he intends to have the Health Ranger Mike Adams contributing to The People’s Voice and here’s an example of why:
Mysterious NASA video of Saturn reveals impossible hexagon-shaped cloud pattern larger than planet Earth:

Also today I saw: Spacecraft Sees Giant ‘Hole’ In The Sun:

… which made me think of.. the truth about the sun by Eric Dollard:!
“… there no inside structure, there’s only a surface… there’s no fusion in the sun… it’s only in the flares you get fusion… they don’t know how the sun works… it’s a transformer, transforming from some other dimension… it’s a converter… you can’t see the sun in free space… it only becomes visible when gross matter is involved, like the earth’s atmosphere envelope… you can see the earth or the moon, but you can’t see the sun or the stars in free space… you can see material objects, but you can’t see the sources of light… that means there’s no time delay… nuclear fission is a religion… the sun is an atomic bomb and if you don’t believe that you’re going to jail!!
The sun’s definitely hollow… sun spots are holes that allow you to see inside, it’s dark inside…”

The likes of Nassim Haramein
… talk about black holes and here’s Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton
… author of Punk Science suggesting The Earth is a Black Hole:
“… actually, we don’t know what’s at the centre of the earth… there has been recent study, and guess what? The earth is emitting anti-neutinos anti matter just as we predict if the black hole principle is correct…”

I love this innovation, though my taste is more Kind of Blue than punk:
… so what, it is exhilarating to observe the unfolding of this punk science paradigm shift.

Ned Pamphilon

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5 Responses to “The earth has all the properties of a black hole”

  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    Punk science?How groovy,wow, next do we get New Romantic science?I love dancing so my moneys on Disco science.Know what I mean?All right I’ll spell it out.Science is a description of the world like money is a description of wealth.They’re selling you a description which you pay for with the real thing.You’d better get it and fast before it’s too late and they politely ask you to leave THEIR planet.They bought it quite legally while you were being so frightfully clever discussing the nature of reality and the holographic universe.

  2. NPP says:

    mc² = e
    mc²r = er
    mc²r² = err
    mc²r³ = errr
    mc²r³0 = err0r !

    Aahhhh, back to the drawing board Albert.
    Feelin’ romantic & groovy! X

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tttrouble wwwith bbblack hhholes iiis ttthey nnnever ccchange cccolour.
    Iiit wwwould bbbe nnnice fffor ttthem ttto bbbe mmmulti cccoloured.

  4. NPP says:

    ‘Free’ energy. Science. Related…
    Free energy breakthrough? Holy grail of water splitting technology now achieved with sunlight, mirrors and seawater:

  5. HereAmI says:

    People should log in to The Electric Universe w/s for a description of what really drives the sun. The basic anomaly about it, is that it is infinitely hotter 200 km above its surface than at the surface; the implication obviously is that its energy comes from without, rather than from within, via the “Birkeland currents” which are clearly shown to interconnect the stars.
    As such, therefore, it becomes easy to understand how the whole world was plunged into 3 hours of darkness during the Crucifixion.
    And also the frequent references to this happening again before the Day of the Lord, ie the end-times Judgement.
    ( Matthew 24, v 29., Joel 2, v31, Amos 8, v9 )
    Another fascinating insight into the real nature of the interstellar forces is provided by the Primer Fields videos on YouTube. I think the creator of these videos has been leant on, because he has decided to “pull” the final instalments which were promised.
    But what he has left is riveting.

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