Politicians do nothing to stop courts seizing children from their families

Dear Remarkable Tap-Producer
This is to draw your attention to BA pilot Len Lawrence’s video not only on Victims Unite
but also our McKenzie site
where we recorded our last meeting with John Hemming MP – our small hope of getting somewhere via Parliament – which he says needs to be more assertive!!!…
First the House of Lords (like lemmings), then the House of Commons… All in the hands of the money masters.
Yours most likemindedly in the battle of battles,
…our submission requiring 2,000 signatures – incl. yours!
Dossier of Evidence, 7 pages in support of the petition
…statistics, media coverage and human outcry online
Punishment without Crime, > 20,000 visits since April 2012
… a follow-up from www.forced-adoption.com  
Victims Unite! > 230,000 visits since August 2010
… Empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression
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