Police to track Moscow metro passengers’ SIM cards

The Moscow metro plans to install sensors that will trace passengers by tracking the SIM cards in their mobile phones. The measure is aimed at helping police retrieve stolen gadgets, but rights activists have sounded the privacy alarm over the initiative.

Police operations chief of the Moscow metro, Andrey Mokhov, told Izvestia newspaper that the sensors will become part of the subway’s intelligent security system. According to Mokhov, the action radius of each reading device is five meters. For the system to be successful, he said the devices would have to be installed into every CCTV camera inside stations, lobbies, and metro cars. 
The passenger’s phone number will be automatically determined as he passes near the sensor. If the SIM card is on the ‘missing’ list, the system will automatically inform police and create a map of the phone’s movement. The system will work regardless of whether the phone is on or off. The only important thing is the presence of a SIM card.
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