People in Cameron’s Britain living in caves

People living in caves as UK homelessness reaches five-year high

Homeless men and women are living in a network of disused sandstone caves near the town centre of Stockport, Greater Manchester. There have been up to four people a night sleeping rough in the cave system perched on a 20-foot precipice overhanging a river, only a short distance from public view.
A report in the Manchester Evening News noted that Stockport in the north of England has seen a 42 percent increase in homelessness in just one year. Jonathan Billings, a project manager with the local homeless charity Wellsprings, said, “The number of people turning up each day for support has soared from around 60 to 70 to around 140 in the last three years.”
His organization has witnessed a particular surge in demand among more middle class, affluent people. After having worked for years, they lost everything in the downturn, he said. Billings emphasised the risk these people face when sleeping without shelter:
“Unfortunately when people are sleeping rough they will come to very dangerous places. I know of people who have fallen into the river.”
Official statistics published by the government show a five-year high in homelessness across the UK. This includes 54,540 households declared homeless, with some 4,500 households now living in bed and breakfast accommodation (B&B).
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I sometimes travel to Kings Lynn in norfolk to visit my mother in retirement, its called “the armpit of england ” as thats how it looks on the map, english people have been displaced from jobs and homes as the government has brought in wave after wave of foreigners.
    many people live rough in the park and in the cemetery on the fairstead estate, they had to puta guard on the college as they were sleeping in the grounds, its a bad place all round, and 10 years ago was voted the most unfreindly place in the UK.
    If you want a job you approach the russain gangmaters who rule norfolk now, they will give you work in one of their factories or fields but its below the minimum rate

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