NSA spying never catches Israelis

Snowden, like Assange…despite the huge amount of classified material with all the embarrassing things that involved so many countries, neither of them seemed to know anything about the massive Israeli espionage that is carried out all over the world.

No leaker who has had access to the mother-load of dirty Intel laundry on numerous selected countries, and who never releases any on Israel, is for real. They are an operator. Why? Because busting open the Israeli espionage cover-up is the story of a lifetime.

This battle has been going on for a long time and there is a huge amount of material available even in the declassified files. If you want to find out more, all you have to do is scratch the dirt. It is the espionage scandal of our time and these phony leakers have contributed nothing.

if Assange and Snowden were really these altruistic goody goodies who cry about the public’s right to know how they are being abused by government spying on them, then why would they give the Zionists a free pass for doing it to all of us?

..because these guys are on an Israeli string. This is simply Intel 101. When everybody is getting embarrassed by leaks except for that one special group, there is no suspect number two.

 So what we have had going on is a cruel betrayal, not only here in America but in many countries. The War on Terror has been used by elites as an excuse to get a vice grip control over their populations, profiling them on a scale formerly only dreamed about.

Why would this be necessary? The only real answer is a looming fear of publics finding out what their governments had really done to them, the extent of the corruption and how thoroughly they had been pillaged.

People learning that their countries had been stolen, that would make them dangerous. They would all turn against those responsible. The only defense for the elites then would be to quickly round up all those of a certain profile, those who had the leadership skills, the knowledge, and the network strength to fight back.

The data mining ability available to governments now is absolutely incredible. They can find out just about anything about anybody…but not on the Israelis, of course. Think about it. With these new tools we should have been able to decimate Israel’s espionage networks here…political, military, financial, media, academia and the think tanks.

How many Israeli Intel networks have the Western countries broken up since 911? The answer is zero. The Zionists have compromised these Western nations in a variety of ways, with the primary tool being political espionage as that is the pathway you use to get your people deeply embedded in all the important spots.

All of these countries, their elite class, deem their own people to be their number one threat. And the Israeli Lobby operators are stuck to the elites like glue, promising to protect them when the dark times come…that they will be OK if they are with the right group. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    there is a lot of wisdom here.
    Israeli mossad can call on any jew around the world to do anything it asks, from handing over their passports to be copied to giving an alibi for another jew.
    any jew who refuses as some do can expect like gilad Atzmon or Moshe Solomons, to be ostracised and demonised.
    Its very true what this article says that Israel, the worlds lerder in terror and intimidation,neds to be exposed.
    A CIA whistleblower said last week that the Oklahoma tornado wa sin fact an israeli suitcase bomb to tell america “hurry up and attack iran for us, or else “

  2. Anonymous says:

    You probably haven’t heard but —

    A Mr. “Zeller” (jewboy), Mayor of San Diego, has admitted sexual harassment of women who work with him, but he will not resign, as he feels he deserves another chance.

    A Mr. Elliot Spitzer, former Attorney General for the State of New York, and who went after prostitution rings and call girls during his reign of terror, was found to be “John # 9” , a client of a very high class call girl ring in New York City. He resigned in disgrace (hypocrite) but 3 years later, he is running for New York City Comptroller (controller of the money, naturally).

    A Mr. Anthony Wiener (really, that is his name) was forced to resign from the U.S. Congress when it was found that he had accidentally sent a close up shot of his naked wiener out to the world of Facebook and Twitter. He initially said he account had been hacked by Al Qaeda, then finally admitted (months later) that he “accidentally” sent it. His wife (Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover) was not very happy. He resigned from Congress in disgrace, but now he is running for the Mayor of New York City, and he is in the lead.

    Moral: you can’t keep a bad Heebrew down — like the vampires they are, they rise from the grave of public disgrace to continue to rape, plunder, destroy and hypocritize (made up word) our society to somehow, make it worse.

    What interesting genetic programming….

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Jews feel as they are gods chosen people, ( there is no record of him having said this, and which god ? )
    the one that told Abraham to go sacrifice his son on the mountain is not one sane people would worship but
    jews are brainwashed and not sane in the main.
    Its time they joined the human race and stopped all the lying theiving and damn terrorism.
    Alec McMillan

  5. Gordon Logan says:

    As Malcolm Rifkind MP and Mossad Person of the Security and Intelligence Committee well knows, the UK does not have its own secret services. How is that? Quite simple. Both MI5 and MI6 are Mossad potting sheds. If Mossad or the Rothschilds tell 5 or 6 to jump, the only question is ‘How high?’ Princess Diana, Robin Cook, David Kelly, Alexander Litvinenko – all are victims of the fawning, crawling, pusillanimous ‘British’ secret services, who always actively cooperate in treason. There will be no public inquiry into the death of squeezed lemon Litvinenko, because his death is too suspicious. He of course died of polonium poisoning – just like Yasser Arafat. Therefore made in Mossad (and Rothschild). And no doubt, Rothschild puppet Boris Berezovsky owed his premature demise to his wish to return to Moscow, where he risked blabbing about the Litvinenko poisoning, which he knew all about.

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