NSA explained by James Bamford – the power of Keith Alexander

Keith Alexander runs the NSA, the largest and most secret intelligence agency.  He also runs cyber command, his own private army.  He runs kinetic attacks, using cyber to attack, as they did the centrifuges in the Iranian nuclear plants.  He has an army, a navy and an air force.  He can do things without Congress knowing what he’s doing.

Rumsfeld appointed him.  He rose high under Bush, going from one star to four stars very quickly.  Snowden alleges cyber attacks abroad.  US offensive capability is enormous.  NSA is expanding by 14 new buildings, a super computer center, all for secret cyber command – creating wars not preventing wars.

The NSA’s job is espionage – inserting malware into other peoples’ computer systems.  The public are being incorrectly informed.  The NSA denies involvement in cyberwarfare.

Snowden’s not the only whistleblower about the NSA.  They collect the daily records of everybody’s phone calls.  They collect info from the internet, from around the world.  It’s placed in a warehouse, which is the cloud that the NSA analyses every day.  The analyser is a million square feet.  A terrabyte of data can sit on the blade of a Swiss army knife.

Alexander denies keeping a file on every US citizens.  He claims to be involved in only foreign intel.  Bamford says he keeps dossiers on all American citizens.  The court supervision is secret, and no one even knows where it sits.  Verizon gives records of all US local calls to the NSA.

The gathering of the data is entirely covert.  Bamford’s book The Shadow Factory covers the NSA in more detail.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rats in a cage: how games will teach us to love the police state


  2. Anonymous says:

    The guardian newspaper claimed that the israeli/USA stuxnet virus which was supposed to attack Irans peaceful use of nuclear power, disrupted the japanese nuclear systems causing huge explosions and other problems and has killed many people all over the world,
    the perpetrators of this terrorist outrage should face the international courts
    tony taylor

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