New information on the Geoffrey Dickens dossiers

‘allegations of paedophilia in Buckingham Palace and child assaults (TAP assaults = murders?)’                                                                   

The late Tory MP, Geoffrey Dickens, gave two dossiers containing allegations of child sexual abuse to the former Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, in November 1983 and January 1984. It appears that Mr. Brittan didn’t act on any of the information contained in the dossiers, meaning the abusers were allowed to continue committing sexual offences against children.

The November 1983 dossier contained ‘allegations of paedophilia in Buckingham Palace and the diplomatic and civil services’.
The January 1984 dossier contained information on the Paedophile Information Exchange, an organisation that campaigned to legalise sex with children, and gave details of ‘sex assaults at a children’s home’, and named prominent paedophiles including a ‘top television executive’.
A recently unearthed cutting from the Huddersfield Daily Examiner (19.1.84) gives more detail on the January 1984 dossier – apparently it also contains ‘allegations of child assault at the ceremonies of religious cults‘.
It goes without saying that thanks to Leon Brittan’s inaction these allegations were never investigated.
In a written PMQ by Tom Watson, Theresa May was asked for the whereabouts of the dossiers, and her ‘search’ has so far taken over 5 months. If Theresa May won’t produce the dossiers, they should be made public under the ’30 year rule’ in November 2013/January 2014.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this one TAP, an old intell guy who recently died was on a small radio station a while back and said that one of the queens personal servants Paul Kidd was named by Sydney Cooke as a long term pedophile, the police charged him with the rape of 39 young boys, in plea bargaining he named Sir Anthony Blunt the queens keeper of her art collection as a killer and raper of young boys and several others such as Menachim Begin the israeli leader and others such as Michael Barrymore, Jimy Savile was also named but the BBC censored out all mention of Savile with boys so as not to offend the gay lobby who area powerful force in Brit politics.
    Interestingly, Charles Dickens the author lived near to a pedeophile jewish fence on whom he based his character “fagin”, this man wasa the grandfather of Herbert Morrison
    the wartime Home Office leader who was the grandfather to Peter Mandelson who has also been named as a keeper of “Bumbadillos “
    or young rent boys
    Peter Wilson

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is a super comment by peter wilson, but has anyone twigged that its become a sport now, its no longer child abuse its boy-nobbing,
    spunk-monkeys, and bumbadillos, lets call it by its real name of homosexual rape

  3. badger44 says:

    Spycatcher p283 “from time to time” said Adeane [Queens private Secretary] you may find Blunt referring to an assignment on behalf of the Palace – a visit to Germany at the end of the war. Please do not pursue this matter. Strictly speaking it is not relevant to considerations of national security”

    So at the very least Blunt had bargaining power with the Queen.

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