My mobile phone cooked my egg

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1.  A must watch video on is: my mobile phone cooked my egg.

A man cooks eggs using the power of 9 mobile phones, I won’t tell you too much as it will

spoil your amazement.


2.  I carry an RF meter/acoustimeter (200MHz-8 GHz) around with me and almost everywhere the sounds are a loud mix of the beat pulsing of WIFI and the screaming hiss of phone transmitters, also the dial tones of mobiles followed by a horrible sound, there is also what I call a fart sound when a smart phone every so many seconds connects to the mast (I think this is what’s causing it).

A friend of mine borrowed my meter the other day when she had a call, when she returned it to me the highest reading it showed was greater than 6V/m which is as high as my meter measures, so I wonder what the actual reading was?

The sensitivity of the meter begins at 0.02V/m which is too high for me as I feel ill at lower levels than this.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep,now try this one.

    Now figure out what happens to your brain!!!!!!!!!!

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