Mossad agents murdering US citizens

June 19th 2013.  North California Tenants Association

Director of the US FBI
Mr. Robert Mueller III
I, Ms. Nina Sidorova, President of the Northern California Tenant Association, inform you about terrorist attack, committed  in the night from July 18 to July 19, 2013 by Mossad and rogue FBI agents infiltrated the FBI. The Israeli terrorists, who are working with rogue FBI agents, have brought dangerous microwave and DE (Direct Energy) weapons in Shorebreeze apartment #208 and torturing me. I request to arrest terrorists and to bring them to justice.  I have already informed you that Mossad terrorists with corrupted FBI and NSA agents have murdered seven of the Shorebreeze tenants of California.
Today Mossad criminals of Narus and Verint have followed me in the library, and by the spy software, which the Israeli criminals of Narus have inserted in my laptop,  they have stolen my new report to the FBI, in which I informed the FBI about new terrorist actions committed against me and other Shorebreeze tenants, Mountain View, CA by  Israeli criminals.  Also, I informed the FBI in my letter about the day and time when Mossad criminals, committed cyberattack on Los Gatos library and disconnected the Internet almost for one day when I started my search about Israeli companies, working with Mossad and stealing personal, technical, industrial, and financial information from US citizens and companies.
The terrorist attack about which I report to you now is a retaliation for my report to the FBI, which Mossad criminals, have illegally stolen from me.   I request to arrest criminals and to bring them to justice.    
Ms. Nina Sidorova

Dear Officials and Friends, 

You have heard, and perhaps know well, how criminal bankers attack and order murders of citizens, officials, and some of the brave agents of the US Intelligence Agencies who have opposed or stood up against these criminal bankers and their criminal actions.  Previously I sent you my complaints to the FBI with attached documents.  Below you can find my letter to the San Francisco FBI, requesting the arrest of Mossad terrorists of Israeli companies Verint and Narus. They are working with NSA and have been attacking and torturing me, Ms. Nina Sidorova, President of the Northern California Tenant Association, and California tenants, and who have already directly caused the deaths of seven Shorebreeze tenants.  Please, please support us even if it Is by providing helpful advice, recommendations, etc.!
We must expose and stop criminals! Otherwise, it will not be a very bright future for us or our children.  If necessary, I can send you the description of the Franklin’s housing Initiative for low income people-slavery program.  You will be amazed, knowing what criminal bankers and corrupted officials have prepared for us! 
With my blessings,
Nina Sidorova  

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6 Responses to “Mossad agents murdering US citizens”

  1. Dr x-ray says:

    Los sociopatas se creen dioses.

    Lo que no admiten, es la responsabilidad de la extrema derecha en la aparición del terrorismo y eso se llama complicidad.

    Hacen creer a otros gobierno que la única forma de acumular riquezas, lucro y poder; es con practicas de control de la población de los seres humanos, Genocidio, Guerras, sitios a ciudades, Exclusión por la fuerza de territorios y sus recursos asociados. Aborto obligatorio, Infanticidio, Eugenesia.

    Llegando a su máxima genialidad de control poblacional con el negocio de la salud. Si tienes dinero buena suerte si no lo tienes mala suerte.
    Reclutando a todo tipo de sociopatas,sicopatas, tontos utiles, etc. para darles infraestructura, información, educación (medicos), todo para maximizar las ganancias.

    Si la mayoría de los indigenas han sido exterminados, entonces en tiempo de crisis, a quienes les aplican la política de control poblacional??????????????
    Eduardo Cuauhtémoc Margolis Sobol

  2. Anonymous says:

    Who is allowing the Mossad to operate in the United States? Where the hell is the American FBI? No wonder Americans are forming militias if this is true. There still has to be good guys in the FBI and CIA who are not traitors. Turn to the American public for help. They will defend the United States and work against foreign invaders. It is time for the good people left in the US government to tell the people in the United States what type of corruption has been invading the US and apparently is stronger than the president and congress. Don’t sell the US public short because they are your best bet and will definetly do everything to save America from this tyranny. Tell the public everything you can!

  3. salty says:

    Pensioner Blows Cover On Two Israeli Agents In Northern Germany

    German town pulls Mossad agents’ car out of mud and sends bill to Israeli embassy for reimbursent

    Posted on March 8, 2016.

  4. Men Scryfa says:

    This is where they jack you from one of the other flats in the building. Imagine their door being kicked in in the act, immediately live streamed onto the internet. Mossad or sub-agents caught and the video replayed and replayed millions of times etc etc etc

    Interesting thought that one.

    What do you reckon Ian, Bow, Salty?

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