Monster Without A Face

MONSTER WITHOUT A FACE; The most dangerous paedophile in Scotland is free… and he WILL reoffend, say experts But we can’t show you a picture of twisted Gordon Emslie because he’s protected by law sets the agenda.


PRISON chiefs who freed Scotland’s most dangerous paedophile have sent out a secret memo warning: “This man will re-offend.” 

Gordon Emslie, 55, served 10 years for raping three boys. But the memo says he refused treatment in jail and showed no remorse. 

(edit – isnt it a condition of release the paedophiles show/atleast feign remorse? Or is that just silly?)

Emslie, a member of a nationwide paedophile ring, is now free to roam the country unchecked despite the gravity of his crime. 

Police and social workers have no idea where he is because sex offenders convicted before 1993 are exempt from parole or supervision. 

And Emslie will remain faceless. The Crown Office say they cannot release a picture of Gordon Emslie because he is protected by the Data Protection Act. 

In the damning memo obtained by The Sunday Mail, a senior social worker warns: “His offending history goes back to 1970. He has refused to address his offending and does not view what he did as wrong. 

“It is suspected this individual is active within national paedophile networks. There is real concern he will re-offend. 

“Details appertaining to Gordon Emslie have been circulated to those concerned throughout England and Wales. 

“Mr Emslie will not be subject to parole or non-parole licence.” 

Yesterday, former High Court judge Lord Kincraig, 82 – who wrote the 1993 report recommending the supervision of offenders – called for the legislation to be back-dated to prevent similar cases.

He said: “I would have thought in cases of sexual offences Parliament should provide legislation so that those convicted before the legislation came into effect should be subject to the same rules. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And you get locked up for not paying the gangsters their taxes.

    At what point is mankind going to wake up and eradicate the sickness which has taken over the judicial and policy making class?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seems like more twaddle, they have to show remorse, or they stay in prison.

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