MI5 and MI6 are Mossad potting sheds

Gordon Logan comments…
As Malcolm Rifkind, MP and Mossad Person of the Security and Intelligence Committee, well knows, the UK does not have its own secret services.

How is that?

Quite simple. Both MI5 and MI6 are Mossad potting sheds. If Mossad or the Rothschilds tell 5 or 6 to jump, the only question is ‘How high?’ Princess Diana, Robin Cook, David Kelly, Alexander Litvinenko – all are victims of the fawning, crawling, pusillanimous ‘British’ secret services, who always actively cooperate in treason.

There will be no public inquiry into the death of squeezed lemon Litvinenko, because his death is too suspicious. He of course died of polonium poisoning – just like Yasser Arafat. Therefore made in Mossad (and Rothschild).

And no doubt, Rothschild puppet Boris Berezovsky owed his premature demise to his wish to return to Moscow, where he risked blabbing about the Litvinenko poisoning, which he knew all about.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Also the 7/7 bombings, presided over by Netanyahu from his hotel and carried out by the crawling traitors of MI5.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like our Government, full of dual passport holders.

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