Kerry Cassidy meets Michael Meacher

Dear Tap,

Thanks for informing me – missed it, forgive my lagging behind, I appreciate you pulling me up.

Got it now:
I will immediately add your Tap link to my own blog posting. I sent my quick posting to a friend, pretty high up, who works in over seas aid, indeed, I visited Uganda with her 20 years ago or so. I will be interested to see if she responds and how.

‘We’ will implement remedies and ‘they’ who try burying them will become obsolete. Gotta be positive Henry, despite the apparent endless obstacles and challenges.

Keep up the good work. I received a party line response from my MP Matthew Hancock on Syria/Turkey. I intend to type something. I’ll continue to submit to Tap in hope of being more up to date!

Christ – Thought For The Day on BBC Radio 4 as I type! Gorgeous morning though.

I was fascinated to see Kerry Cassidy meet Michael Meacher: 

Was really moved and enthused by this ‘rant’ by Gerald Celente – InfoWars: Gerald Celente Unleashed – July 3, 2013:
Most of Celente’s daily Trends In The News are subscriber only as no doubt you know – he and Infowars have immediately made this open to all. About 12 mins. I recommend. 



Meacher is not a Bilderberger, he is the one who questioned Ken Clarke in the House of Commons about Blderberger:
Between the 13&15 June 2013 the Bilderberg Group meet at the Grove Hotel in Watford England. Michael Meacher MP, Labour, asked a question in the House of Commons and Ken Clarke…

It seemed surreal for Cassidy to be meeting Meacher in the field at the Fringe Bilderberger ‘protest’.


Hi Ned,

I thought it was odd as I typed the words.  Dashing off to the office, I didn’t read it correctly.  I will now watch Cassidy tape.


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  1. NPP says:

    Cheers Tap. Love this cross global spontaneous add and edit.
    Just watched Murray. There was consternation about whether the roof came on too early, but the weather was just perfect, so long as you don’t think about tit too much eh! I suggest they made good judgement at 2-1. Murray was the one pissed off apparently and makes the win look even better. It was bloody gorgeous on the Suffolk-Norfolk border, shirt off, attending the peas, British one day summer revolution yeah! Tim Henmen talking about chemtrails? … you bloody wish. Hey, impossible is impossible! McEnroe more likely – send an e-mail to the BBC. Dear John…. it’s worth a thought actually. Ask them what they think about weather modification and court conditions. You never know, they might read it – they might think it a fun subject to discuss, though you probably need lots of rain so they have lots of no play broadcast and need to talk about anything and something…. there’s Cliff and his Royal box. Now now, this is England you know!

    He can win. Will he win? Tell you late Sunday afternoon!

  2. Anonymous says:

    To be honest, Michael Meacher MP, sounded genuine, deserves some credit for attending and speaking.

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