Ken Clarke Jewish

Many in the government as in all other leading sectors are Jews but their Jewish identity for example in the case of pro-immigration, anti-UKIP Kenneth Clarke, son of a Jeweller, is carefully hidden from the public by the Jewish media and Jewish controlled fronts like Wikipedia for fear of an uprising if the British people realised they were living in what now amounts to a virtual Jewish state.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the first thing criminals do when they leave prison is to change their names. I did not know about ken clarke, but jews are told to change their names, if you expose a jews real name, there is uproar.
    Jews hide behind christian names and sometimes muslim names to better steal from us.
    bankers show biz folk and politicians all hide their jewish names and laugh at us, please come back and save us mr hitler, we promise to listen to you this time

  2. Anonymous says:

    the security expert who bugged rupert murdocks criminal outfit chris cooper, said that it was Lynn De Rothschild who said rothschilds were taking over the food supply this was about 7 years back, the chem trailing kills all the trees and vegetable kingdons
    so we have to have GM, which are owned by yes, rothschilds

  3. Anonymous says:


    less than 10 mins of your time well spent?


  4. Anonymous says:

    good post tap, a while back there was a big upraor about freemasons working oin the public sector having to decalre that they were masons, this means the public would know these people had other loyalties and agendas, the same should apply to jews, they should have to declare this fact to the public they porport to serve

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