Irish TV licence to be replaced with universal communication charge

Every single home to be hit with new Broadcasting Charge

Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte today gave a commitment the new charge will not exceed the current €160 a year licence fee

EVERY household in the country will be hit with a new Public Service Broadcasting Charge to replace the television licence fee next year.

Nobody will be able to refuse to pay the charge because it will apply regardless of whether you have a television, computer or any other device that can pick up public information.

The new universal charge will be collected in a way that tackles the current very high evasion rates of the TV licence fee – suggesting the payment mechanism could be modelled on the new property tax.
Currently nearly one in five households does not pay the TV licence fee and this is costing the government €30m a year in lost revenue.
Announcing major changes to the way public service broadcasting is funded Communications Minister Pat Rabbitte today gave a commitment the new charge will not exceed the current €160 a year licence fee.
A public consultation into how the charge will operate will be launched shortly and Mr Rabbitte said ideally he would like to see it introduced by late 2014.
There would be no excuse for not paying the charge, and the only exceptions would be for those currently exempt from the TV licence fee such as households in receipt of the household benefits package.
Mr Rabbitte said that he simply did not believe there were any households who could claim to have no access to public service broadcasting whether via television, radio or the RTE website on phones and computers.
“It’s not some of us should pay for, all of us should pay for it, we should not have freeloaders,” he said.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    It really does piss me right off that some little piece of shit whom they call “Think Tank” sits in his little office and works things out for the “Shit Tank” (MP’s & Parliament) to rob the public of their hard earned income. I say, they should get themselves a real job, preferably in the sewers were they belong.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr Rabbi

    Another dual national gangster?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Instead of all of us pay, how about none of us pay? What’s the worst could happen? No state-sponsored, mind-numbing TV? GOOD!!!

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