Interview of awoken abducted psychic ‘super soldier’. Never reveal your contacts.

He was encountering benign interdimensional beings, and investigating occult forces around 2005, when the military abducted him to make use of his abilities.  He was then involved in telekinesis, moving things around using torsion energy, an activity he now regrets.

The military can pick up on unique energy signatures which manifest contacts with ETs.  They claimed that they identified him from his internet activity, from his contact with other people and esoteric sites – methaphysics which cross over to military activities.

They can read human brains across the planet like a hard drive.  There is no such thing as privacy.  Everyone is a targeted individual, a resource.  They can access your mind remotely, electromagnetically.  Dr Robert Duncan’s book – Soul Catcher.  The planet is enclosed by a manmade electromagnetic frequency.  The humans are the computers.  This is no secret.

His own book is mentioned.  The audience can connect the dots and do their own research.

Every life form is completely alterable, controllable – its soul, its physical existence – can be taken, can be cloned .  The controllers have remote control over everyone on the planet.  They control our consciousness.

Sam Jenkins.  We lost.  It’s over. 

The interviewee says he is being told to shut up.  He has nano-implants in him and can do telepathy.  He is watched every single second.  A team monitors him and talks to him a lot – constantly.  Your brain is a cell phone.  They communicate directly into your brain.  They can insert thoughts, images and voice.  Your thoughts are transmitted directly to them.  Synthetic telepathy.

He was taught to create new neural pathways in his brain.  Your stray random background thoughts get picked up.  Your personal identity becomes dehumanised.  You have no privacy.  They break you down.  If you have a thought they don’t like, they speak back in your head.  They can push you to suicide.  In a way you become dependent on them.  Your torturer becomes your doctor.

There is no escape from it.  Everything about a human is energy.  They capture all of it in minute detail and they process it faster than instantly.  I am essentially a robot.  They can control your feelings and anything about your body.

Robert Duncan says he has no mind functions of his own left.  They kill you mentally and spiritually.  They cut you off from spiritual communication.  They wake you up three times a night.  When you dream you are experiencing spiritual life, so they wake you up, usually around 3 am, when the sun has little photonic light.

Humanity’s over.  We didn’t win.  His book – How Black Ops Military Stopped Ascension.  The Mayan prediction was correct.  The multiverse is ascending, yet we’ve been blocked off from it.  Higher consciousness has been blocked.  Fourth and fifth dimensions have been blocked.  We are now locked in descension, transhumanism, singularity.  The total enslavement of humans to two dimensional beings, like cartoon characters.

The Archons – meaning ruler in Greek – is a euphemism for a cultish group of people, who tend to be at the very top, the Rothschilds and so on.  They are not really at the top.  They are possessed.  There are higher powers, beings, intelligences that are running them.  The mystical cap of the pyramid is not the Illuminati.  They were taken over says interviewer.  Humans are being replaced.

The 21st century is about soulless humans and psychically advanced machines.  The powers that be  haven’t conquered all.  They are afraid of the one thing they don’t have.  They are trying to stop ascension – special DNA.  People who have it, they want it.  They use you in time travel, near death experiments.  They use you to communicate with the dead and other intelligences.

I don’t care what they do to me.  I’m not a big champion of humanity.  I’m not a martyr.  I’m more neutral.  This whole thing’s a big mess.  The troubles are so vast, so horrible, so deep that something has to come in and liberate us.  I have a heart.  It’s very insidious.  The ones at the very top are brilliant. They do things incrementally.  They’re really a suicide cult.

Black Ops seals did awful things to him.  The system is set up to absolutely screw you.  I tried to play both ends to make a deal with them, play along with them.  Then I decided to write the book and look for a way out of all this.  I care about star seeds.  People like me with different DNA are special.  I was put here to help humans.

If you are a star seed with paranormal psychic abilities, don’t post it on the internet, don’t talk about it on the phone.  You have to hide, stay down.  Talk to friends if you like.  If there’s any glimmer of hope, doing the book was therapy for me, although they tortured me while I was writing it.

Use every power at your disposal.  They can knock me out.  They use extreme lucid nightmares.  Being the military they want me to fight back, to use chrysalis, to give them something to study.  If the grid went down, they’d be screwed and we’d be free.  That’s what they’re frightened of.

There are different factions.  They compete and there is paranoia between them.  They are paranoid of each other.  They control the planet and they control humans, but there are different factions.   NWO factions.  There’s the very top.  The technology, the space age stuff is in the hands of one group which sees themselves as in control.  Secret technology, stargates and so on.

The next world war will be for the human mind, nanotechnology, geo-engineering, directed energy weapons.  Nano-fibres.  Grey goo.  They don’t need us.  The matrix (movie) is a blueprint.  Higher beings and intelligences are ruling this place, the bad ones not the good ones.

There is a devil – Jehovah, Yahweh – he runs this place.  We are caught in a cycle of reincarnation.  2012 would have been real ascension.  The cycle of reincarnation with painful short crappy lives with very powerful souls is what we are, and the devil wants our souls.  The fake god who runs this place has got us stuck here.

Light orbs are benevolent ETs.  They are beautiful.  They can inside you and communicate with you, make you laugh hysterically, heal you tremendously.  They showed him visuals.  They hate the military, the black Ops of the military.  How did they turn up with the Seals?  These wonderful light energy beings.  The Seals came afterwards.

The seals talked to him via synthetic telepathy and took him over in the fall of  2011.  Is it possible to keep contact with the light benevolent ETs?  They communicated with me.  It was the most loving experience I’ve ever had.  These multiversal communications involved them too.  The seals can rip off their energy – there is a pictorial divide – end of Part 1.

Discussion of NASA document at 18 minutes.  Humans are basically dumb-asses that need to be replaced with cyborgs.  Who’s going to get to live, and who is not.  They’ll give people what they want which contains poison.  Cancer is a hoax.  If you’re an asset, you won’t get cancer.  Cancer’s a joke.  It’s induced.  You have the same survival rate if you do nothing as if you go to the doctor.  We don’t have a healthcare system.  We have wildlife management.  They can knock it out like that.  It doesn’t need to happen in the first place.  They can manipulate genes to stop it in its tracks.  It’s a way of keeping the population down.

They’re not very successful in keeping the population down.  Junk foods.  Monsanto.  Pesticides.  Are all designed to increase cancers.

Google say people will upload their entire brains to computers.  This is the 2045 agenda.  Nano-implants.  Cryogenics.  This is to protect the existing elite and make them live longer.  I’ve got a clone.  They’re telling me to shut up.  Immortality is already achieved.  They can keep a version of you going as long as they like.  Life extension technology.  Kissinger looks well.

It’s a different playing field – what the public has and what they have.  Barry Trower ex-MI5 talks of wifi, cellphone technology.  We are completely defenceless.  The mind has no firewall.  It’s horrific when a team is reading your thoughts and is controlling your dreams and thoughts.  You are cut off from your spirituality.  It’s mostly some form of nightmare.  They can also create incredible dreams too. They can fix a lot of the damage they do to you after they’ve tortured you and programmed you.  It’s a silent weapon and keep you going.  You’re a resource to them like a cow or a pig is to a farmer.  That’s why ‘I seem half sane’ now.

Fake alien abductions.  First time it happened in my sleep.  Teleportation.    It’s one of the biggest secrets.  I don’t want to understand it, transmitting consciousness back and forth.  If you know about how it works, you’ve nil chance of survival.  The alien abduction is a cover story.  CIA cover story to keep it as an enigma.  I could be wrong.  I dunno.

There are real ETs that exist.  I’ve experienced them personally.  The military fake it too.  It’s a good cover.   Great camouflage.  Confuses the people abducted.  Connect the dots.  They use greys in British military bases for population control.  Mind control technology is unbelievable.  They can play holographic movies in your mind, which convince you you’ve had a particular experience.  Interviewer – ‘Were your experiences of ETs real or manufactured hologram?’  Muddled reply.  It appears real.  Maybe evading questions here.

The book.  Why?  Ascension is the big picture.  The horror of electronic mind control.  It’s essentially torture.  85% of the human population is already tagged with nano devices.  There is no way of blocking these devices. says giving an electrical charge into the body says you can disable them.  You need a military grade frequency jammer, costing about $25,000 which might fry the electronics in your neighbourhood.  The tortures can be done to anybody.  They are going to do it.

The human is preconfigured already.  Nanofibres are already in everybody.  Your DNA signature is like an antenna.  They can single you out anywhere you go.  Is there any way to fight this?  I’m not happy.  I’m glad to be alive.  It’s not really alive, more just an existence.  They know you’ve written a book for the public, for everyone.  I want to write for star seeds.  It’s a true story.  People can learn from it, about synthetic telepathy.  Your best chance of getting out of it is at the beginning, just flip out and do unconventional things.  Don’t deny it when they start talking to you.  Flip out.  Tell everyone you meet.  Don’t go to work.  Don’t call the police, relatives or mental health field.  Do things to shock them.  Fake suicide with an unloaded gun.  Contact Freedom from covert harassment – they have a website.  Revolt them.  Really make them sick.

It’s like an avatar system who experience exactly what you do.  Think about the most disgusting things you can, you’ve ever seen.  You’ll hear them scream with you.  Scream internally.

Interviewer says of another case where he told the ‘machine’ to fuck off in his mind.

TAP – power of the will?

If you’ve had contact with benevolent ETs, ‘they’ will track you as valuable resource.  Nip it in the bud as far as you can.  Keep your contact secret from the internet.  Lay low.  If you’ve got psychic abilities, keep quiet.  Use them.  Don’t publish them.

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  1. Lucas Moore says:

    I like your video. Oh yes the total enslavement of humans to two dimensional beings, like cartoon characters. 3D is more than expectation.

    Tahitian Noni Juice

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see the “Mandela Dead” story you did on 05 July was the usual unverified tripe.

    I see “Mandela the Dead” is still alive and kicking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anon 6.58, and where did you get your information.
    So we can verify it.

  4. Tapestry says:

    They have doubles of most world leaders, just in case.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @ anon 7.10

    Same place as you and Tap…… “reliable sources”

  6. Anonymous says:

    hi Tap, this is why i don’t understand why you dismiss wellaware1 as disinfo just a broad sweep without any reason. after watching the above video and reading other articles on this blog and as you mention all leaders have doubles ie Nelson Mandella is he alive is he dead? how is it such a leap that tptb are faking our news too. we all know what makeup artists can do. then look at recent false flags. Sandy hook, Boston bombings and Woolwich. have you given any real time to look into wellaware1 or have you looked at one or two pics and laughed? i have given it a lot of time and a lot of it makes a lot of sense it is not so far fetched if you take the time to look. I am not meaning to be Rude Tap but i believe that even disinfo sites have some truth to them. there is a lot of info out there i do not dismiss because I wonder why someone is being branded as disinfo that makes me suspicious,like I am branded a “conspiracy theorist” because i question the official narrative. I know you are an intelligent man so why would you just dismiss Ed Chiarini as a liar disinfo whatever, unless maybe you have looked into his site in depth and your own disernment is that he is a shill. if that is the case I respect your views. I just feel dismissing him may stop some of your readers from finding other info that is worth a look. truther’s work hard to get the truth out there I respect Ed’s work some of it doesn’t gel with me but most of it does at least its his own work. would you be prepared to have an in depth look at his work, i think you would be surprised at how much it fits in with what is going on in this World of Smoke and Mirrors.

  7. Chris Jones says:

    “Humanity’s over.We didn’t win”

    Bollocks to that. If theres a global man made EMF frequancy then we can switch it off and take it down. There is always a way however difficult

  8. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Anon3.16pm put’s a lot of effort into asking questions.
    In continuation of the theme, Cressida Dick has had her ears looked into.
    The name should spring to mind, in the steven lawrence farce 1 and 20 years later farce 2.
    In the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes 2005.
    In charge of phone hacking 2006.
    As the Counter Terrorist officer 2012.
    For all the failures, awarded the Queens police medal.
    Just look into this, for your opinion Tap.

  9. Anonymous says:

    That was pretty dark.I am more optimistic and liked this from David Icke :

    Because humanity has been living within a disharmonic frequency of a false restricted fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation for many thousands of years, humanity has been veiled from full Divine awareness within incarnate form. Without this awareness, we are not experiencing and expressing our infinite consciousness on Earth. The fear-based operating system of the mind conditions a consciousness that identifies with the mind contents of limiting beliefs, emotions, and traumatic experience. This identification with contents is then experienced as the restrictions of energy in the body. The primary identification with the limited frequencies of language is part of the current personal identity operating system of the mind, and has been designed to keep humanity operating in a narrow consciousness range of external identification through the experiences of the bodymind.

  10. Anonymous says:

    whoops ! author was Peter Borys,on Icke’s site.Apolgies

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think David Icke has had his ears looked into as well.

  12. shirlz007 says:

    Ive been under attack for years after a psychic black op unit attempted to recruit me! It kinda came to a head in early February when a team of Black Op telepaths did everything they possibly could to have me kill myself… fuck em, stick your middle finger up at em and shout it out to the world! DON’T HIDE! DON’T REMAIN ANONYMOUS! Laugh right in their faces and tell them… if you want a fight… BRING IT! 😀

  13. zen master says:

    DataAsylum is full of shit – if the bad guys tell you to electrocute yourself then it’s probably not a good idea.

    There was a whistleblower who told us how to remove the nanotech implants – they are ph sensitive, like all nanotech. So drink the juice of lemons or drink bicarb soda. Morgellions suffers are people whose body rejects the nano tech already, and drinking bicarb soda helps them.

    ^You should make a post about this. Most important post on the internet. Here is the text:


    “‘CHEMTRAILS’ are a component of an integrated atmospheric weapons system, which has multiple purposes, including weather modification, population control, advanced surveillance, biological warfare, and artificial intelligence. In North America and Europe, the program is run under the auspices of the Pentagon and NATO, obviously with help from the American and European defense contractors (Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Boeing, EADS, Honeywell, etc). Many others are involved (Monsanto included)…[‘Chemtrails’ contain nano-engineered biologics]…I state clearly again that the pathogenic forms under investigation are repeatedly showing up in the general population, regardless of whether certain “skin anomalies” are present or not. The pathogenic forms were, however, first discovered as a result of examination of these same skin anomalies. The segregation of only certain individuals as having the ‘Morgellons’ condition is completely and totally false; the general population is involved whether they would like to know of it or not. The pathogens found have now been discovered repeatedly across all major body systems and functions, including skin, blood, hair, saliva, dental (gum), digestive, ear and urinary samples.” (Hroz, 2009)
    It deserves noting that Dr. Revson proposed the use of acids as a countermeasure to nano-probes, and as outrageous as his statements may seem to some readers, Pat Burhan of Oregon, United States, has alleged that her use of a strong form of vinegar, an acid, has produced a clear digestive tract for the first time in years after the emission of large amounts of mysterious, black fibers


    This guy on this page full of shit most likely. The supersoldier shit is to make him look insane. He is experiencing weird shit, it’s them testing their little toys, but the story of supersoldier is BS. There are tons of people with other backstories – prophets, robots, aliens, royalty switched at brth etc. it’s all BS to discredit and probably to try to dampen the viral spread on conspiracy memes.

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