Google takes down The Tap over post on chemtrails


Anonymous said…

just blank?
8:31 pm 

Tapestry said…

The post appears correct this end.
8:35 pm 

Anonymous said…

attachment not showing my end, anyone else?
8:39 pm 

Anonymous said…

Can’t see it.
8:46 pm 

vince chittock said…

No show here.


9:05 pm 

Eric Swift said…

Blank post here as well
9:09 pm 

Anonymous said…

Then WHY is it Global demonstration day against Chemtrails, on August 25 2013.
What wooden heads we have as leaders.
9:14 pm 

Anonymous said…

Global march against Chemtrails.
Trafalgar square to Parliament.
August 25 2013, 12pm.
9:23 pm 

Andrew Llewellyn said…

no photo but text, this is a really important issue.
the trails over the west country over the past weeks have been vast.
10:51 pm 

Tapestry said…

Post still appears in full on the PC where I blog. Is this a clever new google trick to make inconvenient blogposts disappear, except where they are posted?
11:17 pm 

Tapestry said…

TEXT from helen and james –

Hi Tap & you other brave people!
I have just received my reply from the RT HON SIMON BURNS about my question to Graham Allen regarding “chemtrails”
Hope you can all have a quick look and maybe if you have the time reply with some links of proof, or research so that I can reply and not be fobbed off again!
He has also included some Q & A’s on two more pieces of A4 which I will scan and post another day as I am no master of the PC!
Here it is in it’s full glory…….basically – it’s all just normal exhaust products from the aircraft.

James and Helen

Please upload the letter to a URL and send us the link.

11:27 pm 

wasp said…

Hi Tap, TOTALLY BLANK. If have only just read this. If you fiddle about with it you will get a Temporary Error

We’re sorry, but your Gmail account is temporarily unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience and suggest trying again in a few minutes. You can view the Apps Status Dashboard for the current status of the service.

If the issue persists, please visit the Gmail Help Centre »

Try Again Sign Out

Show Detailed Technical Info which gives Code 7.

Noone appears to know what a Code 7 Error Relates To!

If you Sign Out & Back In Again You Get Your Account!


sometime later it now appears you have successfully Posted It Tap.

There are Loads of Links Within Site.

Just Look Up Weather Modification, HAARP, Chemtrails etc.

I have sent in Countless Stuff on it & so have Many Others.

The first Experimentation was in 1954 Devon Sidmouth & Seaton, were flooded. look it up.


12:16 am 

Chris Jones said…

RT HON SIMON BURNS is obviously talking through his arse, either deliberately or through utter naivety
12:16 am 

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4 Responses to “Google takes down The Tap over post on chemtrails”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I live neara US air base and the guys come into my cafe, they are a good bunch and often chat bout about how much they miss their homes etc they say the new chemtrails are far more potent and give headaches painful runny eyes and noses, but it is the respiratory tract that is most affected, one brought ina restricted document and showed us, but would bnot let it leave his hands, his idea was that the world is over populated and they want to thin out people a helluva lot

  2. Anonymous says:

    In true Scots fashion, Mr Allen is talking shite. First off, he wrongly identifies chemtrails as contrails which tells me he has his head up his arse because chemtrails are long individual cloud lines which persist for hours were as contrails are short vapour trails which dissipate within a few minutes. Mr Allen then goes on to tell us that chemtrails are Cirrus clouds and again is totally wrong because Cirrus clouds are of wispy formation at around 16, 20,000 ft were as chemtrails are laid by planes at an altitude of between 30, 33,000 ft.
    So the long and the short of it Mr Allen is that you might con-sider taking your head from out of your arse and look to the heavens and study what you are seeing and not what you are told to be seeing.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, no article there as far as I can see, looks like you got hit with the ‘holonet’ hammer. Good article about holonet from Jim Stone’s forum here-
    Kind regards, freebornman.

  4. Hi Tap…thanks for highlighting my previous blogpost.

    This lady from London covers the basics about chemtrails in a great 8 minute You Tube video which may be of use as a follow up to the bloke who wrote to his MP. I’m sorry I’ve forgotten the blokes name.

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