FEMA mobilising for collapse of the USA

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For years I have warned people of the coming collapse of the US and have watched the country steadfastly heading toward economic and financial ruin and would advise all Americans who read this to watch the video and thereafter make preparations to flee the country. God help America.
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According to financial experts in this excellent video, a compilation of MSM news reports just released today by Jason A, there is nothing that can stop the forthcoming collapse in America. To quote Jeff Berwick in this report, founder and chief editor of The Dollar Vigilante, “…there is no chance of recovery, we are in the last days of this financial system in the US, this is Zimbabwe. When it starts to collapse, it’s going to happen very fast. If people don’t wake up to what is going on, they’re going to get hurt…. We have to now get as far away from the US and from the Western world because this collapse is going to be messy.”

TAP – I wonder if propagating fear of collapse is just another way to shepherd the sheep.  It will stop people investing, and building their own security, for example, and keep more dependent on the system.  In fact a collapse could hurt the most powerful more than the little guy.  They rely on the system and will be the least likely to crash it, except for brief periods as in 2008.

The gradual grinding down method is working nicely for them.  The build-up of racial tension is the main game, leading to martial law.  From there, all kinds of evils might be planned for humanity, but full-on economic collapse seems less likely.  The slow boiling of the frog works better than startling the victim.


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  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    No one suggests the obvious simple answer-government printed money as credit,not debt.The Bradbury Pound was introduced just before World War 1 when the banks didn’t have enough to finance a really good war.When they really want something they always get it, so they got the government to issue the folding stuff-bingo WW1.Don’t hold your breath though,they only do it in a good cause,human sacrifice.See the UK Column for details of the Bradbury pound.

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