Farmers compensated for Easyjet chemtrail effects

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Hi Tap 

I have witnessed Easyjet actually spraying chemtrail over the county of Somerset and 
Bristol area, if you go up on the Mendip Hills on the East side over looking Bristol you can see 
the planes take off from Bristol airport and watch them actually spraying and watch them come 
in to land at Bristol Airport again. i have personally witnessed Easyjet planes actually doing 
this aerosol spraying activity. 
There are good and strong rumors that farmers in that area 
especially around the east side of the village of Priddy and Cheddar area of the mendips have 
been receiving compensation from the government regarding crops and land being destroyed, 
the claims have been over alleged dumping of fuel from planes flying in this area, which we 
know is a total lie. I ask everyone to petition Easyjet and boycott their service in support of 
exposing these vile acts of pollution.

Steve (passiglight)

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to me
passiglight has left a new comment on your post “Heavy chemtrail over Nottingham – 

i can also independently confirm the very heavy chemtrail spraying in the Glastonbury area 

during the Glastonbury festival just as the previous person commented, i saw the chemtrails 
with my own eyes and watched the planes in action.

I have taken over a thousand pictures of chemtrailing activity in and around the Somerset area 

over the last 2 year, i even put a video together of a small selection of the photos and uploaded 
to youtube. 
TAP – hate to say it but Glastonbury sees many people outside.  They must be deprived of Vitamin
D, and given as big a dose of toxic metals as possible.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    A colleague heard an Easyjet declare a return to Bristol due to an emergency. He (the pilot) asked ATC if he could ditch his “water”, I wonder now if it was some kind of chemical?

  2. Anonymous says:

    the security expert Chris Cooper said on TV his firm tapped the phones being tapped by rupert murdoch, he went on that they wre heavily involved in chemical spraying, and this was behind the massive rise in asthma and respiratory complaints

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