Evidence Calls for New Investigation Into the Murder of Marine Colonel James Sabow

Evidence Calls for New Investigation Into the Murder of Marine Colonel James Sabow

Marine Colonel at MCAS El Toro blew the whistle on continuing Central and South American drug shipments and was murdered; his death passed off as a suicide.

I have substantial reason to believe that on the day before Col. Sabow was killed, he learned that flights of C-130s landing and leaving El Toro in the middle of the night were sanctioned by the Base Commander W. Tom Adams and Chief of Staff Colonel Joseph Underwood. The planes were transporting weeapons to Central America and returning with drugs. Many returning flights landed in airports in Mexico where drugs were off-loaded while some continued to military airfields in the Southwest and Florida. 
These C-130s were non-military planes but were those C-130 and P-3 Orions that were illigally tranferred from Davis-Monthan Airbase in Tucson, AZ through the Forestry Division of the Department of Agriculture and then into private airlines in a museum swap. These airlines were supposedly using them to fight forest fires but, in fact, that they were used for weapons and drug shipments1.

Underwood told Col. Sabow (on the day before he was murdered) that the C-130s were not simply transporting weapons but were returning from Central America and Mexico with drugs. Sabow threatened Underwood and told him that he would not tolerate this and he would divulge all that he knew. In fact, Col. Sabow called his retired mentor, Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps, General J.K. Davis on the night before he died and told Gen. Davis what he was about to do. 
General Davis immediately informed Washington and General Adams about his conversation with Colonel Sabow. An “IRT” team was mobilized out of San Diego and Colonel Sabow was assassinated the following morning. Orders, presumedly originating from Washington, were to defy DOD (SECNAVINST) regulations and send his body to Orange County Sheriff/Coroner rather than to the nearby Balboa Naval Hospital for post mortem examination.
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    In Yorkshire, you can tell who the drug dealers are,— they are building Mansions all over, and they all like caravan holidays.

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