Erin Rothschild tells the world what it was like to grow up inside the globalist elite

This one’s very odd.  She has no birth certificate, and can’t cope with revealing more than a certain amount that she knows, as it kicks in memories.  She is remarkably vague about key details.  To the question, ‘when did they start torturing you?’, she replies ‘when I was about ten or twelve years old maybe’.  You would think anyone on the planet would remember the second that torture began with ease for the rest of their lives.  Yet the memories apparently are too painful and the mind screens them out.

If this is disinformation, and most say Camelot is disinfo, it’s an interesting attempt.  There are always truths and untruths.  The question is – which is which?  The mind control programme devastates the lives of the people it affects.  Yet they seems entirely normal people like Erin does, apart from the stories she tells.

Her parents were her torturers.  Her son was tortured.  She has forgiven the people who broke her down, and her son.   Rothschilds and Rockefellers are all interbred.   Her brother was made in Area 51, a test tube baby, groomed to be at the top of the Rockefeller family, maybe head of MJ12 (what’s that?).  Her son had a breakdown three years ago as he recalled what the SS had done to him, and then her own memories came back to her.

Her father was a very dark creature, and was involved in the mind control of many people.  She feels guilt from what he did to so many people, and decided to come out to help them.  She’s never been tortured by aliens, only by humans.  She’s half reptilian, and always found the reptilians she knew kindly.  They tried to save her from further torture, but the humans wouldn’t release her.  She claims a reptilian helped her by making her memories of her suffering disappear from her conscious mind.

She saw child sacrifice in the bowels of the Vatican.  It’s the vilest thing she’s ever seen.  The Vatican is the worst thing in the world.  It should be got rid of.

Humans only want to advance their souls.  Only a small minority want to keep us all in the current dimension and control we’re in.  The Reptilians control the New World Order.  The Annunaki and the reptilians are not the same beings.  Annunakis are many different races.

Annunaki heads were reptilian or maybe half and half – maybe a mix of races.  9 foot tall.  Enki.  Enlil. Anu.  They are a humanoid species, not reptilian.  Humans have smaller portion of reptilian.  We’re a hodge podge of ET races.  It’s a gift to be half reptilian.  We’re here for a purpose.

She lives in San Diego.  She was very promiscuous searching for love and affection any way she could get it.  It was Monarch – always slept with military men.  She remembers taking one man to his death.

Raping her at four years old was part of her programming, splitting her into two personalities.  She likes to think she’s reintegrated as a whole person again, but who knows?  She had to relearn her memories again after they wiped her mind.  They tried to stop her coming to the convention and speaking openly, but she’s found it a wonderful experience.  She looks much younger than her 44 years as she opens herself up.

What’s the big picture on earth?  She knows what’s going to come and to happen.  Humanity is not ready to hear about it, and she’ll be killed if she speaks about it.  The Rockefellers/Rothschilds want a certain scenario to happen.  It may not happen the way they want it to happen.  It’s all just deja vu.

She knew Dr Mengele.

Clones.  Time travel.  Underground bases.  Several containers.  Your soul can pop out and be moved elsewhere.  Possession.  Alistair Crowley is trying to get her back with him.  He’s a time traveller, and still here as a middle aged man.  He wants it all back for himself.  He’s still under contract to bring darkness.  Project Ibis kids were encoded with Crowley.  Tarot cards.  Different decks.  Crowley is not all darkness….

It just gets weirder.  She’s searching for peace.

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30 Responses to “Erin Rothschild tells the world what it was like to grow up inside the globalist elite”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thought tap had worked out Camelot was disinfo.

    Perhaps we can move to the future to regress to the past and remove the comment before I wrote it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    RabbiT, can’t argue but disinfo opens minds nonetheless…?

  3. Tapestry says:

    Disinfo contains elements of truth and elements of falsity. The game is to work out which is which.

  4. Anonymous says:

    and the rothschilds will allow this to come out from an insidr but murder princess diana Dr david kelly etc ?
    i really dont think so, yet she forgives them for torturing her ? we dont have the poower to forgive only god can do that.
    sorry but remember the saying, if it loks like bolox smells like bollox then it is bollox. so i think this is bollox

  5. Anonymous says:

    Most of what she said is probably true. Let the Light reveals the Truth. So be it. With Love

  6. NPP says:

    How has ‘Tap had worked out Camelot was disinfo’?
    Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy appear authentic. If they are unwitting catalysts of disinformation, and may be they realise the possibility themselves, they have given us some fascinating interviews down the years.
    People do experience horrid stuff and still forgive. It’s the concept of unconditional love; the realisation that holding onto hurt merely harms the holder. It is among the greatest challenges and lesson: forgive, let go and move on. A general amnesty for all bad doers may have to be considered one day, including Robin Van Persie leaving Arsenal for Man Utd. X

  7. Tapestry says:

    I don’t know it’s disinfo, but we know that nothing is entirely true from all aspects when it is single sourced. I intuitively feel trust for Kerry Cassidy but feel she is sometimes duped by people, just as I am from time to time. To make progress you have to expose yourself. Sometimes it backfires. Each person makes their own truth. Camelot is fascinating stuff, but not all of it can be true. The channel could be used of course by those with less good intentions. Be on your guard while trying understand what is being said.

  8. Anonymous says:

    “…maybe head of MJ12 (what’s that?)”

    See also:

    Chapter 12 of William Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse” covers MJ-12 also; two versions of it:

    Comes from his 1989 presentation which is on YT under the name “The Secret Government” (c.90 mins, abysmal video quality but the audio is ok):

    Another transcript:

    “Official version” courtesy of Wikipedia:

    And the Rational Wiki:

    A version of Majestic was also featured in mid 90s sci fi programme Dark Skies, whose tagline was “History as we know it is a lie”:

  9. Anonymous says:

    where it says she knew dr mengele, dont believe all you read on this man… but churchills doctor Dr Moran was head of the Porton Down experimental unit where abominable tortures were carried out on youngsters and twins, if she was genuine she would have known this and spoken of it.
    Many servicemen were tricked into having medication to cure the comon cold, when in fact they were sampling deadly toxins for the government was machine and many died.

  10. NPP says:

    Yep, Tap. Absolutely; one can only walk one’s talk – I can say it as I see it. For all I know Tap is controlled opposition. So what, as Miles Davis might put it.
    Often, when an individual get knocked and name-called, I start suspecting it may be beause that individual has something worth hearing….

  11. Tapestry says:

    That’s right, NPP, if I’m learning it’s progress. Sometimes it needs time to decide whether you believe something and someone – a lot of time. But at least by exposing yourself to material, you have something to work on. The scepticism will either lessen or grow. You have to wait and see which way your mind goes.

  12. paul maleski says:

    Obama does not have a birth certificate either; perhaps, they were both born in Manchuria?

  13. Anonymous says:

    what a load of bollocks…she has watched babies being sacrificed in the bowels of the Vatican – yet she doesn’t have a passport and has never travelled abroad!!! You need to have a good memory to be a good liar. She nearly had me fooled, not!… but at the end of the day, she’s just barking and trying to make a lot of money out of very very gullible interviewers and sad suckers who have had partial lobotomies and just can’t think for themselves…ooh ooh she said this, so it MUST be true. Load of twaddle.

  14. Anonymous says:

    so she says she wasn’t tortured till 11+ …but that she was raped/gang banged by her old man’s mates at 4years old onwards, doesn’t that also count as torture for a 4 year old…come one people, are your lives so empty that you cant see difference between fantasy & reality of a nutter trying to drum up attention on utube ‘cos that’s all she will ever have in her life.

  15. Anonymous says:

    oops, nearly forgot – just like her…if she was as she said very good at reading tarot cards and well versed in the occult, a) she would’ve known about Crowley’s tarot deck and b) if you read tarot, you would know what deck you use and its name – its a fundamental and personal tool, you don’t forget the name. Maybe she will remember her real name next week Erin Charlatan Green Hicks Rothschild, sister to brother Rockafella. There’s always an interviewer looking for a scoop, feeding the lines…Dear oh dear!

  16. Anonymous says:

    My opinion is that Erin has read a lot of books, watched a lot of YouTube and enjoyed a lot of Sci-Fi films: from this she has gleaned her information: She may think it is true, but for me, there are far too many discrepancies.
    I fear she lives in a world where the co conspirators are herself and her family, each feeding the others allusion of each persons reality

    I do believe there are ET’s – I do believe we live in a multi dimensional universe. I do not however believe in the world of Erin

  17. Anonymous says:

    Her ‘brother’ is Supriem David Rockefeller…hahahha What more can I say? Erin is just bat shit crazy!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Her make believe ‘brother’ is Supriem David Rockefeller. Both of them are bat shit crazy

  19. Anonymous says:

    This girl is a fraud. Watch her face book profile and see how she is always begging people for money. She uses the excuse that they keep her and her husband sick so he misses all kinds of work and then they cant pay their electric bill so its going to be shut off in a few days without notice and they owe $541 on it and the internet will be shut off tomorrow morning and they didn’t even get a bill and when it gets shut off then she will go to jail because her kids cant do their school work. Yet when people suggest they use the library computers she has an excuse for that. Or when they siggest she moves into a cheaper home that doesn’t cost $1800 a month to rent, her excuse is she has to stay near her daughter who lives near her . What a crock of bull. Every month she frauds people off of face book for money. Yet she smokes her weed all the time. People are sick of her!

    • Theresa says:

      the sad thing is there are people on FB after two years still buying this no money cant get a jib sob story she could find something but she cons people out of money because she sttruggles with bills honestly shes pathetic and try telling her to look for work she will flip out on you . shes a taker and a leach

    • Theresa says:

      and yes shes certainly fine with sitting on her ass preaching on FB all day

    • Theresa says:

      and the half reptilian thing she uses to put herself above people which is comical,she claoms shes super intuitive and half reptilian she uses this in ways that are condessending reminding everyone in a subtle way that shse knows and sees things others dont so dont challenge her,shes a easy read!!!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I believe her more than not believing her. I stumbled upon a network of evil and mind control is only a portion of what these people are capable of doing . The grooming and recruiting of humans working to provide a path for the evil that will soon control this earth. I do not care if no one believes me or not. After my discovery I thought I had solved the problems of the entire world until I learned that most people do not want to know the truth and these evil people have a network to discredit whistle blowers.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think she is an elocuent testimony of how the system of fake and hollow values like consumerism, religions, and most of all low self stemm does to people; it is called compulsive lying disorder, also known as mythomania or pseudologia fantastica is more common than most people realize.
    Lots of people are confused and have problems diferentiating who they are, so they make up something to fill the space they can not reconcile with, sometimes this result in split personality, I am not an expert here ok, just trying to understand the mess of fantasy and trauma this person reveals.

  22. J.E.Walker says:

    Some people are so gullible… 10 mins of that video was enough to convince me she’s a TOTAL LIAR!

    I didn’t bother to waste my time watching any further than that.

    Whatever she’s selling I don’t want or need any – thank you!

  23. Mira Radke says:

    Okay so… Her words could be a hundred percent true and believable if her actions and expressions didn’t look so… Guilty or as if she were lying. Most of what she had said does have a lot of back up info about it. I just don’t know if her story is true. The story could very well be someone else’s and she’s telling it as her own. Many do that, but its not cool. Erin’s story is amazing and life changing. The parallel universes are real, as well as being able to go from one to the other. You have to have high levels of consciousness in order to do so. You have to connect with your soul and learn how to activate your pineal gland as well as tithe kundalini and chakras. To do so, you’d want to be awfully careful. Activating the kundalini too soon is not recommended. They describe the kundalini as the energy serpent. Or even a goddess sleeping. The kundalini does activate itself, but only when it thinks you’re ready for all the power and energy transferring through your body. And for the dimensions, those are real as well, so I don’t understand why all of you are hating on her. The pineal gland used to be the size of our eyeballs… But now it isn’t, and that’s because of the water we’re drinking; it has fluoride in it. That clogs and stops the pineal gland from working. As well as the chemtrails we put in the air. And the food we eat is being made and modified by the largest pesticide manufacturers in the world. That’s also a big problem. Her telling everyone is really big! Just because she makes a few verbal mistakes doesn’t mean she’s a liar, but maybe she’s nervous. Imagine being in that interview. Telling the world about your life… I’d make mistakes as well and be very shy and quiet. She did it, and that’s literally all that matters. And that’s because of the procession of the equinox we have just gotten back into the waking up phase. That’s why there are more spiritual awakenings happening everyday! The amazing things you can do when you activate the kundalini and your third eye, the pineal gland. Oh and the illuminati? That means enlightened ones… But they’re not actually called the illuminati. If you really think about it… If they were the enlightened ones, wouldn’t they have high levels of spirituality? As well as not being part of the occult but maybe have a connection with the Martians, Hebrew’s or even the Naacals. I know what you’re going to say, they’re not real. Really? Because if you check Mars… They have magnetic fields still, although they’re faint. And those magnetic fields show that Mars once had an atmosphere, in which used to be like Earth, but because of the Lucifer Experiment… The Martians went into darkness, chaos and destruction! Blowing away their atmosphere and using their merkabas to get to Earth. There is so much more that I could share. Like Martians coming to Earth, The Hebrew’s aren’t considered human, they also have high levels of consciousness. The Naacals were at the time of the Lemurians. Though their is so much more to share, I don’t have the time or key space for much more information, so… To just give an opinion about Erin… I believe you a hundred percent, just try to look less uncertain of yourself because that does start complications. Anyways… To just say.. Yeah, most of what she said can be scientifically proven, but of course Lol, the government and its system has manipulated all of you. And since some of you are just learning about this (which is really sad ) you guys are so dependent on the system, you’ll fight to protect it, although they’re fooling all of you, and even while I say this, I know you guys aren’t convinced, and that’s fine. When you’re ready, you’ll learn. Because as I said about the precession of the equinox… We are at the waking up stage, but not everyone has woken up yet. So we just have to help one another find oneness within ourselves and the earth. We are meant to be like one big unity. Nature and us. The world becomes one. Our spiritual consciousness will become one as it once was and the world will be in harmony once more and peace will be here. I would start talking about Lemurians and the Mayans and Naacals and Hebrew’s… But me have to go. Positive feedback is encouraged.

  24. Theresa says:

    Anyone to this date that is still buying Erins BS of being in need and giving her money is a fool she is still on facebook over two years later after her Project Camelot apprearance begging for money and crying broke yet she gets totaly defensive when people tell her to get a job,she has a fund set up and blind morons still send her tons of money ,theres a idiot born every minute. she has actually been begging for years,dont know if shes really been through all of that but most people have become sick of same old song and dance after the interview she had people thousands emailing her and replying to her sympathy facebook posts now it has dwindgled apparently most people caught onto this after a while and stopped. Kerry Cassidy is easily fooled I wonder if she feels stupid for buying thos con artists tale. Another way you can tell shes conning people is she totaly flips out if you question her about anything getting completly defensive this would has issues STOP GIVING HER MONEY and tell her to get a dam job

  25. Wes H says:

    All BS She is not truly a Rothchild

  26. Valeria Adami says:

    I knew Alistair Crowley in my previous life. Nice to see he is doing well. Damn those Rothschild’s for hoarding all the gold, can’t even give Mr. Crowley any? That’s not a way to treat family and those with a special kinship. It’s OK Ms. Green, I’m in the same boat. If that’s the way these elite treat family, imagine how screwed they would be at business deals! I was followed by a grand master with a top hat, and a riddlers wit. He’s settled. Her wisdom makes sense to those who know the language.

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