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News from the Daily Record is saying that TB infected beef is being sold on by DEFRA to slaughterhouses.
DISEASED meat is being secretly sold off by the Government for human consumption.
DEFRA, the food and farming ministry, are making £10 million a year from selling on meat which has tested positive for bovine tuberculosis to slaughterhouses. 

And in America USDA approves horse slaughterhouse to produce meat for human consumption

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Strange how these authorities always come out with the same jargon “Safe,” “Clean,” “No health risk to the public,” etc, etc. Wont be long before they tell us bullshit is good for you to.
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TAP – imagine the money they make.  TB associated cattle are sold for a fraction of the full price, yet the meat is no doubt sold on at full cost.  There is a huge financial incentive to spread TB.  Some outbreaks I have heard of are deeply suspicious – isolated farms, no stock movements, no badgers.  Yet half a herd can be infected overnight with no neighbors affected at all.  It’s like TB is being used as a weapon.  
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