conspiracy theory has become scarcely more than a term of abuse to discredit a politically incorrect sequencing of facts

The Kelly case: journalist Miles Goslett vs. John Rentoul of The Independent on Sunday

Foul play vs suicide: Ten years on, the row still rages over the death of Dr David Kelly.

The weapons expert’s body was discovered in lonely woodland – wrists slashed – but journalist Miles Goslett has always pushed for an inquest. He goes head-to-head with John Rentoul of The IoS, who insists that Dr Kelly killed himself, as Lord Hutton found, and that to think otherwise is to believe a ridiculous and tasteless fairy story:

NPP observations: Regardless of the facts surrounding this debate, just the language of John Rentoul of The Independent on Sunday is lazy at best:

Miles Goslett states to John Rentoul: 
“We have never met, but… you inform your Twitter followers that I am a “Daily Mail conspiracy theorist”.

NPP: Indeed, John Rentoul likes to label and belittle:

“… any reasonable person would have ruled out such a possibility after a cursory review of the facts.”

“This is preposterous, offensive and probably disturbing to Dr Kelly’s family, who have not asked a bunch of conspiracy theorists to poke their noses into their business. I suggest you desist.”

“Foul play cannot be ruled out? Of course it can, as I have explained, and to say otherwise puts you in the company of cranks. As usual with conspiracy theorists, you adopt the device of…”

“… so that conspiracy theorists would stop pretending that there was something secret about it. … your fellow conspiracy theorists have given up and gone home; others still have done what conspiracy theorists usually do and changed the question.”

“Perhaps you will now supply some evidence to support this fantastic notion.”

“I am sorry that you continue to make a fool of yourself…”

“I suggest that you should join the big names who have tiptoed away in embarrassment from this ridiculous and tasteless fairy story.”

NPP: Well Miles Goslett, apparently you are a conspiracy theorist, unreasonable, a crank, a member of the conspiracy theorist fellowship, hold a fantastical notions, a fool and an embarrassment. Dr. Kelly committed suicide as any sensible chap like John Rentoul clearly understands this. 

Case closed. Next!

As Norman G. Finklestein writes in his book Holocaust Industry:
“Indeed, conspiracy theory has become scarcely more than a term of abuse to discredit a politically incorrect sequencing of facts.”

Ned Pamphilon
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  1. Anonymous says:

    26 Mile UFO of Mothership in our Solar System – Dr Steven M. Greer

    Nicholas Jedrzejewski


  2. NPP says:

    Conspiracy theories becoming conventional wisdom: Barrett
    ‘The analyst went on to say that studies showed that those who accept the official versions of contested events often displayed “anger and hostility” possibly due to the fact that their conventional views no longer represent the majority.’

  3. NPP says:

    Revealed: How a Blair fixer picked the judge for the David Kelly Inquiry just three hours after the weapons inspector’s suicide:

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