Chemtrails made me ill

Hi there, I am always interested in your postings on Chemtrails. And your other material too.
I live in North Yorkshire and am out a lot walking our dog.

Every day I see the spraying planes in the sky, up to five at a time, criss crossing the sky and keeping us in a gray dome.

I have driven through metallic fog hanging in the air. It gets into the car and then a metallic taste hits the mouth.

Locally we are trying to raise awareness of the issue. We invited our MP to our talk. He was too busy. We emailed the York Green Party. reply. We have been in touch with Greenpeace who are not intending to involve themselves with the issue of Chemtrails.

I got caught six weeks ago in York in a heavy downpour of Chemtrail rain. I have been ill for six weeks now.

Someone sent me an email about a device that we can build to neutralise the poisons from the chems. I will forward it.

Please don’t put this email up on your site. I would be mortified!  (TAP – sorry.  It’s too nicely written)

I am looking for a brilliant water filter to fit under sink. If you know of just the one, please would you kindly let me have the details. I know that distilled water is bad for the health.

People are catching on, and in my small way I am trying to pass on the light. Ignorance is dark.

Thank you for what you do…I join you each day!


Try for water filters that work well.  If you don’t have £1200/1300 to save your health from deliberate toxic attack, sell your car!  Or go for cheaper solutions.  I know Dwight Wood who runs Its Does The Job as a regular customer.  He can offer advice whatever you are concerned about.

Road_Hog said…
For those that don’t have £1300 to spare but would like to filter their water, I suggest the following.

It’s £150 at the moment. It only filters your drinking/cooking/boiling water, by means of a spur tap to the cold water line, which then fills a plastic tank, that feeds through a separate sink tap.

If you watch the video on the page of how to install it, you understand how it works.

Not as good as a £1300 system, but then if you don’t have £1300, it’s still worthwhile at £150 inc VAT * delivery.

PS I have no connection with this company.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    if the chemtrails are so obvious would it not be possible to get a sample

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you read any of our blog Anon6.0

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, Tap, for posting that heartening email – and thanks to the writer, even though s/he asked for it not to be published. While it is depressing to hear that Yorks has the same problem as we do, and that the writer has been ill (my two bouts of chemtrail flu only lasted 2 weeks each)it is GREAT to hear that others are on board and making an effort to raise awareness. I hope the writer will not get despondent – please keep up the good work. It’s thanks to people like you and others we are going to clean up our society…..and skies.

    By the way, we are in South America at the moment and even though a few chemtrails have been spotted in Brazil and other places, we have not seen ONE in 6 weeks!!! The people of the UK and Europe are under chemical attack. Good for you for trying to protect the planet.

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