Cameron has agreed to the merging of the EU with NAFTA

US to create two major economic unions without Russia and China
Yuri Skidanov



By early 2013 a long-term strategic goal of the U.S. foreign policy 
became clear. The goal is to create two economic unions to confront the 
growing power of the BRICS member countries and form two large markets 
under the control of the United States in the Atlantic and Pacific areas 
without the participation of China and Russia.

The Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnership aim at creating an 
“economic” NATO, Transatlantic Free Trade Area (TAFTA) between the 
United States and the European Union. The defense budget of its member 
countries amounts to approximately 58 percent of global military spending.

According to the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the effect of the 
new union will be expressed in the growth of the EU’s GDP by $157 
billion, the U.S. – $130 billion and the rest of the world – $138 
billion. The abolition of the transatlantic tariffs within five years 
will ensure revenue growth between the U.S. and the EU of over $120 
billion. In addition, joining of the U.S. and European markets will 
determine the need to introduce a new transatlantic currency, which will 
allow restructuring or eliminating all debts denominated in dollars and 
euros and moving onto a new stage of economic and monetary expansion.

The outline of the economic agreement in the Pacific version with the 
participation of traditionally inflexible Japan is not clearly defined, 
but given the enormous influence of the U.S. in the largest countries of 
the region and surrounding areas such as Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, 
the Philippines and others, it is safe to assume that the degree of 
integration will be at least as high as TAFTA.

As a result, the World Trade Organization where liberal economists 
dragged the Russian government, threatening the collapse of many 
domestic industries and agriculture, will lose the ability to influence 
and regulate the global financial community.

The U.S. and its formal and informal allies will gain a tangible profit. 
The fading U.S. economy will get a boost for the development, opening up 
new markets in Europe and Asia. In the event of adoption of the new 
currency the U.S. has a real chance to get rid of heavy debts whose 
value exceeds the annual GDP. Those not satisfied with this order will 
face convincing explanations from the Navy, Air Force and the U.S. Army 
as well as the allies.

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3 Responses to “Cameron has agreed to the merging of the EU with NAFTA”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this idea from the rothschilds stable was augmented in W W II which was fought for rothschild BTW
    the idea is simply all trade under one body, all money under one head and all military under one body,
    and the HQ is jerusalem and rothschilds all in charge

  2. Anonymous says:

    well there NWO is getting closer to fruition watch the spin and propaganda now.

  3. A10Sean says:

    Well put Anon 7.58.

    Tell me in which way was WW2 fought for Rothschild …


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