Britain awaits orders from US President

Britain could send hundreds of troops to Syria to prevent chemical weapons threat to the West, says Defence Secretary

  • Philip Hammond refused to rule out sending troops to the war zone
PUBLISHED: 01:21, 19 July 2013 UPDATED: 01:21, 19 July 2013





Hundreds of British soldiers could be sent to Syria to prevent a chemical threat to the West, the Defence Secretary hinted.
Philip Hammond refused to rule out ordering troops to the war zone to rein in President Bashar al-Assad’s regime or seize stockpiles of illegal weapons.
He said it was ‘unlikely’ but no option was ‘off the table’ – in the most serious warning yet that the UK could deploy forces to Syria.
Defence Secretary Philip Hammond
General Sir David Richards
Beating the drum: Defence Secretary Philip Hammond, left, has hinted that UK troops could be deployed in Syria. His comments came after General Sir David Richards, right, said Britain must be prepared to ‘go to war’ 
Mr Hammond spoke after the outgoing head of the Armed Forces said Britain risked being dragged into war.
General Sir David Richards, who stepped down after three years as Chief of the Defence Staff yesterday, said ministers ‘would have to act’ if hoards of chemical weapons were discovered.
The UK must be prepared to ‘go to war’ if it wanted to stop the bloodshed inflicted by President Assad to crush a pro-freedom uprising in his country, he said.

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TAP – Just as with Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya so now with Syria, Britain acts as a US lackey.  Under the Trident submarine deal, brokered by Thatcher and Reagan, Britain will go to war on the orders of a US President.  The usual ‘weapons of mass destruction’ excuse is trotted out.  Any country that operates in credit beyond the reach of Rothschild bankers is a target.

COMMENT –  Yes i’m sure you are correct in what you say. I’m just wondering how our collective traitors will get around this one? 

The reality is that no-one believes anything THEY say anymore and no matter how many factual reports produced from many sources, the scum keep on trying to implement various “scams’ as in the Syrian ‘project’ and even when it’s been proven it was the nato-supplied “rebels” who used the chemicals supplied by nato, we are still expected to go in and effect regime change. 
Ongoing, relentless crimes against humanity and war crime upon war crime…..and that idiot hague spouting off about ANYONE being held accountable……
in view of that statement i believe he should surrender himself together with the rest of the criminals in high office to the nearest police station for processing under Common Law!!
Criminality knows no bounds and cannot be stopped unless there is a groundswell of public outcry and very demonstrable support for peace and until the criminals realise they cannot keep on perpetrating such evil deeds on others, as we did not authorise such action or empower them in that way.
I’m not really a violent person at all and do believe fervently in the rights of all peoples, wherever and whoever they are but i find myself becoming increasingly angry and frustrated at the sheer hypocrisy, brutality and criminal disregard for human life and well-being per se as demonstrated by the collective rulers. 
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  1. Lucas Moore says:

    I like the attitude and comment “Yes I am sure you are correct in what you say. I’m just wondering how our collective traitors will get around this one?”

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