Astronauts know things

Dear Tap,

The parallel worlds of engagement and denial and never the twain shall meet?

On the one hand UK scientists petition government for £1m to search for alien life:

On the other hand Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut and 6th man on the moon openly speaks about ET:

I can go through an endless list: Dr. Steven Greer, whistle blowers on Project Camelot, Stephen Basset, Richard Dolan, John Lear, Paul Hellyer, Timothy Good, President Harry S. Truman, Ben Rich… it goes on and on, indeed, here’s a Wiki link to ‘ufologists’:

Why the denial? Why does the BBC, scientists around the world, the energy industry, the climate change scare mongers, the Carbon Dioxide tax credit merchants, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking… it gos on and on, remain in denial? Maybe ET and UFOs are not real! But, why the denial to even explore the conversation? Sure, I could write at length about why, but … grrrrrrr. It’s related to a reawakening of human consciousness and we wouldn’t want that would we!? 

At least, at the very least, engage the witnesses and whistle blowers. Are they all deluded? All nuts? All lying? All unworthy of intelligent engagement?

By the way, in Turkey, and perhaps other Muslim areas, UFOs and the Koran are complementary concepts. It seems Latin American countries are OK with the subject. It’s the UK-US front where the subject remains a joke and we remain in the dark.

Ned Pamphilon

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