See those trails? It’s not the Luftwaffe this time…

The last time we were under attack from the air.   July 1940.  The Battle of Britain.  Now the enemy is our own government in cahouts with a global cabal.  As in all previous wars, the elites kill ordinary people to consolidate their power, and reduce the population.  People had no idea in the past that all sides to major wars were controlled by the same tiny elite cabal, orchestrating the ‘theatres’ of war.  This time people can see attacks from the air with their own eyes but most don’t realise what they are looking at.  It really is time to wise up.

From a reader living south of London today July 4th 2013

 Aluminium, barium and other metals are blocking the sun.  These are ending up in drinking water.  Government pays scientists to deny what’s going on.  Below you can listen to them lying on air.  The FAA denies chemtrails are happening.  Others admit it’s going on, but on a very small scale, and not yet in progress.

The lies are total.  Chemtrails are delivered under NATO operation Cloverleaf and been going on for over twenty years.  President Kennedy spoke out against them being used, saying people had a right to breathe clean air.  Trees are dying.  Bees too.  Weather patterns are changing with winter lengthening and summer shortening and becoming colder.  Lightning and thunder are never heard or seen any more.  The sky is no longer blue and clear, but white and hazy.

Many people believe their health is less good than it was.  People are losing Vitamin D a vital vitamin to protect against disease.  Aluminium is a known contributor to neurological illnesses such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons.  Why does no one talk about this?  And why are news reports such as the Fox one below filled with baloney?

It’s Agenda 21 – the depopulation agenda of the United Nations already being put into deadly practice – slow kill this time, not bombs as in WW2 which killed an average of one person per bomb dropped.  Welcome to the 3rd World War.  This time our own government is our enemy, not a bogeyman with a moustache and a lot of military hardware.  This time it’s chemical warfare – weapons of mass destruction being sprayed over us and our habitat from a mile high.

We are really alone this time, and completely taken in by the enemy’s propaganda.  Such nice chaps couldn’t possibly be killing us.  Enemies are meant to look evil and shout at you.   People are non-plussed.  We need to start talking to each other openly about what’s being done.  Turn off your TV.  Turn on The Tap.  Turn to each other, and fight back.  Get through the embarrassment, the old-fashioned British reserve.  Lay aside fear.

The targeted kill number today is infinitely higher than the number lost in WW2.  Don’t tell us they don’t know all about it.  They’re laying on theatre of a political kind to distract us while our numbers are thinned.  Until Nigel Farage mentions the word chemtrails, you know that he too is a part of the game.  They are all working for the same old enemy that bled earlier generations, and hoping no one realises, just like no one realised in the past that the wars were manipulated and orchestrated events.  I am sure they don’t want a hundred questions a day from their constituents about chemtrails, and TV audiences ‘banging on about’ it.  That’s exactly what should be happening.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ChemTrail Sprayer 100% proof filmed up close by AF pilots!!!

    Chemtrail Proof BBC TV weather modification

  2. Anonymous says:

    4 july 2013, the only area in S.E uk that may see some blue sky is the far east of kent. From the south coast to London there is currently no break in the clouds.
    I have been studying these chem trails and my observations have proved inconclusive.
    These con/chem trails are only seen from craft that are cruising and never seen from low flying craft.
    They do appear to hang around for different lengths of time, some disappear with in a few mins others hang for hours. Generally the pattern observed is the same for all craft at that time.
    It is interesting that there does not seem to be much air movement up there as they hang in the same position for ages, even on windy days at the surface. On occasion you can notice the effect of wind from they way they disperse, but normally they seem to disperse equally into large bands crossing the sky. However it is difficult to differentiate between waves of cloud that precede a weather pattern and trails. At dusk it easier to make out the differing heights between waves of natural cloud and old dispersed trails. Unfortunately one can not study these phenomena on cloudy days, it would be interesting to see what they are doing.
    I was watching the sky the otherday as there were trails galore. I watched one particular craft that was clearly cruising and not changing height or turning and the trail was intermittent. This has puzzled me as you could see the trail forming from the engines continuously, it is just that for 10 secs or so the trail formed completely and then it seemed to disperse/dissapear for a 10secs or so section, then reappear again. None of the other craft in the sky forming trails of which there many were doing this.
    I can not see the logic of mass inoculation through chem trails. Current processed foods do more damage to the immune system and deplete any natural vitamin D, amongst other essential chems for good health.
    There is a possibility for weather control or as conduits to focus energy from systems such as HAARP.
    You can read stuff that can easily convince you that chem trails are real, and you can also find debunking reads that are also quite convincing, so personal observations/deductions are the only way forward.
    It worked for me on 9/11 as I watched the whole day unfold on tv. It was obvious to any casual observer that it was a black op, before even the 2nd plane hit.

  3. Hadenuff says:

    Hi Tap, I’ve got a question.

    As a kid (47 now!), I can remember gazing at the sky(as kids do)during the seventies and looking back, I can’t remember seeing lines of trails or grid formations like you do now. To a kid, I reckon it would have been dramatic enough to mention to my parents,but no, nothing, no memories of talking at school about it, nothing.

    So, it’s probably at least post seventies, maybe post eighties that things started to change and looking at the evidence on the web, it’s definite to me that this is going on, unless anyone can correct me with a plausible explanation!

    My question is this, if they are spraying the population, how come the ‘elites’ that are visible to us, Cameron et al, are being subjected to the spraying as well as ‘us’?
    The authority’s are in complete denial that this is going on, so I can only conclude that they do in fact answer to a higher ‘authority’ that hasn’t let them in on the secret either!
    If they are in the secret, are they medically protected somehow and what an earth could be the compensation for allowing this to go on and risk themselves and theirs in this way?
    Would like people’s views.


  4. Tapestry says:

    One possibility is that the elites have accessed the genetic code of the Annunaki and are able to adapt their being to survive using benign genetic modification. Alternatively they can clone themselves and survive that way until the genetic modification is fully operative. Alternatively the ageing part of our DNA has been identified and modified without reference to earlier forms of life to ours.

    As humankind was almost certainly created out of genetic modification in the first place, it is not impossible to imagine that the elites have come to the point of being able to protect themselves.

    Water and air can be filtered in specific locations to almost pure form. They need only spend small amounts of time exposed to the regular poisons we all face 24/7. They are said to have underground cities which have underground suns. Their technologies are beyond our imagination. All we need to know for sure is that don’t fear nuclear contamination, toxic metals, aggressive viruses and bacteria.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I remember watching trails as a kid decades ago and agree that there are more of them, and they are certainly more apparent. Throughout the 80’s engine design changed significantly that improved efficiency and reduced noise. The 1st real noise controls came out in the 80’s. I certainly remeber craft being many times noisier than now. This may have changed the size of vapour particles, that could have affected the way the trails form and their longevity, a more efficient engine does make more water vapour / litre burnt.
    Also the composition of fuels have changed with the additives they now include, which brings me to the point that claims are made that there are seperate tanks for the chem trail chems in aircraft where the sensible option would be to add to the fuel.
    The other major influence in the profiferation of trails is the proliferation of aircraft since the 70’s.
    If metal particles are being used to screen out the sky through trails then I would imagine they would be quite reflective to radio waves, certainly more than standard vapour in clouds. I would imagine this would affect sat tv reception etc which I doubt Murdoch would be pleased. Our sat reception ( and it is not sky tv) is only really affected by heavy rain.
    The other thing to take into account is that the powers that be like to show off their strength and power to manipulate, safe in the knowledge that any serf that actually takes time out to think about any event or events that clearly show their conspiracy is helpless to do anything about it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap – Just to say I have been a regular reader of the blog for a few months now. Still have not worked out whether it is a disinfo site run by mi6, nsa, mossad etc collecting info on dissidents scouring the net for truth, but still, lots of interesting articles and views.

    Quick update on chem trails. We had a break in the cloud for a few mins just now and a clear window to the sky. There was no evidence of any trails old or new. As you may have worked out I am in the SE uk with 24hr air traffic high density.
    It might show that the systems on the craft recognises cloud cover and stops the chemical release.
    A clear bit of fast moving blue sky in an otherwise cloudy outlook can look quite clear, but in reality can be quite hazy, so not sure how defined my view was. It is amazing how much a little haze can block out.
    When it comes to pop control and mass inoculation you only need to look at the spanish flu after ww1. That was an effective little earner for the bankers, problem is, was it too good/indiscriminate? Do they need to attack specific genetics to drive their attacks? one would have thought so. Then they messed up big time with the aids virus, though still a good little earner for those naughty bankers.
    Just as I am now rambling I want to bring your attention to that tory mp claiming the pro gmo environment guy is being backed by gmo industry ( article in the inde). Whats all that about? the guy (tory mp) is married to a rothchild!

  7. dognamedblue says:

    why don’t people do what the egyptian’s have just done? get together as a group with laser pointers the confirm a geoengineering aircraft then hit it on mass?

  8. Jason Plant says:

    The problem is if the people in this country were to form together en masse and march on London for a change and a change of government, you would just get stopped by the police, as it is just too well organised here.

    Also if it did get large to revolutionary type of size of people, then whereas in other countries they are given the term Rebels and given military support, here you would be classed as a Terrorist.

    You just can’t win. My opinion is to try and get as many as possible not to vote, as this is the only message that gets through the mainstream press at the moment is the low turn out at the polls.

  9. Anonymous says:

    chemtrails are the sky attack for the air we breathe
    but what about GM foods, and the crap they put in our drinking water, and now they are putting aspartame in the milk too, and as for the bullshit from the TV….

  10. Anonymous says:

    I can tell you that Boris johnston was pushed into power by the jewish lobby, they hated ken Livingston
    and tried several dirty tricks to get him out including accusing him of being anti semitic,
    Boris took jewish money to be where he is, this means bad boris is a traitor to the people who employ him, us the british people.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, To continue about Haze that Party Hard mentions.
    Doncaster had 100% haze at 7am, thought it looked strange.
    Had a look on Planefinder, there were planes going over, I could hear them, but not see them.
    The Haze is blocking out the planes from our view, maybe a different type of Chemtrail formula.
    There have been no clouds all day.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hi again. Since this is still up, I thought I’d give an update.
    It started to clear up yesterday eve. There has been a low haze which gives a very glary light blue sky. When the sky is a deep blue the trails seem to stick more. The trails today were disappearing quickly, so ust a short tail behind the aircraft. Though at some points there were trails right across the sky. They too dispersed relatively quickly into nothing. The thin wispy high cloud that was around at times was at the same height as one craft went through one leaving a cut right through the cloud. Quite a sight, yet no trail.
    It may be that some weather patterns are unsuitable or the HAARP beam didn’t need focusing over this area at this time.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello I just want to add I am 65 years old,from a very early age newborn in fact,my mother always worked outdoors on farms and took me along with her ,then about age 8 I used to pick potatoes/peas ect,I left school at 15 and went to work full time on the farm,my question is at my age now and all that exposure to the sun……………WHY DONT I HAVE SKIN CANCER ………AS THE GOVERNMENT TELL US WE WILL GET?????????????????NO SUNSCREEN OIL WHEN I WAS A KID.

    As I said all my life has been spent in the sun outdoors,never before in my life were any clouds other than normal clouds seen ,unlike today we never hardly get blue skies only overcast clouds today,unknown of in my younger days.

    Even if you grow your own food ,the contaminated rain is still falling on it ,the animals killed for food eat and drink the contaminated food /water and thats without all the shit they are vacinated with,I am a veggie.

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