Wimbledon’s ‘wacky’ wednesday

They called it Wacky Wednesday in the Wimbledon commentary teams.  How come so many players were injured in one day?  Players always slide on the grass, so why were so many injured this year, when they normally slide, roll, stand up again and play on?  This year they fell out of the competition a dozen a day.  It was a freak, is all the BBC could suggest.  A ‘wacky Wimbledon’ became the media narrative, recognisable as it cropped up so often.

The real reason for the injuries and the drop-outs is obvious, but not possible to be stated by the BBC and the media.

The weather is cold.  Or rather the weather is yo-yoing between warm and cold with incredible frequency.  In years gone by a change in the weather was an event that took place very noticeably, every ten days or so.  Now it goes from warm to cold almost by the day, or even during each day.  Average temperature figures are becoming meaningless, as the yo-yo takes temps up and down by ten degrees.

The down swing of the temperature yo-yo makes it unseasonally cold, and players are being exposed to the coldest tennis environment they ever play in, as well as one that puts them at full stretch.

It’s cold because of weather modification, chemtrails, and other methods of geo-engineering.  They don’t want people to notice the cold and the strange pattern that weather has gone into, so a high incidence of tennis injuries has to be explained as something ‘wacky’, and beyond rational explanation.

Particulates in the atmosphere, and chemtrail clouds are not being cut back for Wimbledon.  The gloomy weather goes on, and so do low temperatures for the time of year.  A slip and a slide in warm air is no problem.  But when it’s cold, knees, ankles and tendons snap.  Previous injuries, which all players have, start to hurt.  Never before has the competition been played out in such cold conditions, yet not a mention in the media, or even by the regular Wimbledon commentary team.

We do live in wacky times, don’t we.   In a few more years the competition no doubt will be cancelled because of unexpectedly wintery conditions.  It’s only unexpected if you’ve no idea what’s going on above our heads in the sky every day of the year.


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  1. Shazza says:

    Sorry – but this is a tad wacky, this theory; even by the Tap’s standards..
    Blaming chemtrails for the Wimbledon players falling/ injuries..??

    Purely speculative..and humorous too!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always wondered why tennis players don’t wear the same footwear as football players.

    Studs are great when the grass is slippy… better grip obviously.

    When it’s been hammering it down with rain at Wimbledon you see the green keepers brushing the rain off during the break (just like a soccer match at half time when it’s been raining).

    Just looking at the 4 photos that were posted above, the grips on their trainers are non-existant…

    … no wonder they are slipping about in the wet weather and breaking/fracturing various limbs and appendages.

  3. tony roma says:

    nothing is wacky.
    rejoice soon a catholic queen will be born.
    and andy murray will win the tennis.
    some folks do not want to be here tis all.
    get out of dodge city fast.
    syria getting real messy false flags are needed so the parachute regiment can cross from jordan.
    turkey is not playing along anymore and hezbollah are kicking cia israel proxy fanatic ass.

  4. Tapestry says:

    The players are meant to slide on the grass when running for a wide ball. That is normal. What is not normal is the rash of injuries that have resulted, and resignations from earlier injuries including shoulders. As a tennis player over fifty years, I can tell you that cold air exacerbates any injury, and that warmth cures likewise.

    If you’ve followed the climate picture in Britain, you will know that the temperature is yo-yoing between warm and cool almost by the day. This effect could well be to do with manipulation of the jet stream with HAARP, and the use of chemtrails to block the sun.

    The rain is kept off the grass and the slips are quite normal. What is not normal is the number of injuries. Tennis on grass needs warm air.

  5. Shazza says:

    But perhaps, as the second commentator remarked – the shoes play a part??

    Think about it – the quality of pretty much all merchandise has declined over the past few years: even so called designer brands are manufactured in overseas sweatshops..

    Perhaps the weather and footwear combined played a part.. maybe you are correct Tap..
    Just think we should keep an open mind to the various possible causes..

  6. Tapestry says:

    Footwear won’t help much on slippery grass, Shazza. As I said, sliding into a shot is the norm on grass. The shoes are not meant to be like magnets. Are you a grass court player? I am. If the grass varies in its slipperiness, the player can’t control the slide. The greener parts where no one has yet ran or slid are much slidier than the grass where players have already been over a few times. That is normal. What is not normal is the number of injuries. The injuries were not exclusively leg injuries. There were shoulder injuries too. Temperature is the killer. In warm air, the body doesn;t snap. In cold, it does.

    The fact is that no commentator mentioned temperature as a factor. That has to be odd.

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