Why are so many small planes crashing?

We’ve Had TEN Small Plane Crashes In The Last 10 Days, With TWO Mid-Air Collisions

In just one day, 4 different small-engine aircraft have been downed mysteriously over the United States. In one crash, two planes actually crashed into each other mid-air. According to the New York Daily News,
The crashes happened near Phoenix, Ariz., Linden, N.J. Herndon, Va. and Eatonville, Wash. Only one crash proved to be fatal.
It is a relief, in general at least, to hear that most of the potential victims of these crashes survived their ordeal. However, it fails to explain exactly why small-engine aircraft have been so quirky lately. Our running theory here at K-TFRN is that the magnetic pole shift currently in effect (combined with the massive solar flares and HAARP our ionosphere is being hit with) is causing the GPS (and especially old-school tracking equipment) to do what the birds, dolphins, and other magnetically-oriented creatures in nature have been doing: they just fly around wildly during flight during these periods of peak activity and a weakened magnetosphere. It’s just a theory, but makes more sense than no explanation at all.

The other crashes are as follows:


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