Downing Street affair. Fleet Street rumours.

wasp said…

I sent in a Comment Tap, related to

No.10 rocked by secret love affair

It was there for a few seconds, then just disappeared.


UPDATE – 4 PM 2nd June 2013.  Lead theory on Twitter this afternoon is Samantha Cameron and Boris Johnson.  Allegations as to parenthood of a child.  It could be nonsense but how can the pair be ‘close to Cameron’ and yet both not in the cabinet?  Resignations have yielded nothing to go on, so never-appointed-to-cabinet would be more like it, as regards not being cabinet members.

#DowningStreetaffair, both married, man & woman, not in Cabinet, close to Cameron and known to Guy’s wife. <@GuidoFawkes ?> #toryaffair

Blog post suggesting it is a personal situation for David Cameron


No.10 rocked by secret love affair: ‘Stunned’ PM holds crisis talks over fears tryst will ‘blow political agenda out of the water’

  • Identities of people involved or details of relationship cannot be disclosed
  • They are middle-aged figures and the affair has now concluded
  • Mr Cameron was ‘stunned’ when told the identities of alleged lovers 
  • He ‘immediately realised the importance of the story’, sources revealed
  • ‘None of us could believe it when we first heard it’ said senior source
PUBLISHED: 22:14, 1 June 2013 UPDATED: 00:39, 2 June 2013





Worried: David Cameron has held crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of allegations of a sensational love affair which has potentially significant political implications for him

Worried: David Cameron has held crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of allegations of a sensational love affair which has potentially significant political implications for him
David Cameron has held crisis talks at Downing Street after being told of allegations of a sensational love affair which has potentially significant political implications for him.
For legal reasons, The Mail on Sunday cannot disclose the identities of the people involved or any details of the relationship – even its duration – other than that they are middle-aged figures. The affair has now concluded.
But this newspaper can report that when aides told Mr Cameron the identities of the alleged lovers he was ‘stunned’, and, according to sources, ‘immediately realised the importance of the story’.
The Prime Minister and his aides also discussed the possible fallout should details of the affair become public – and how such disclosure could ‘blow out of the water’ any major political set pieces planned by No 10. 
One senior source told this newspaper last night: ‘This revelation is dynamite. None of us could believe it when we first heard it. Then we just thought, “What a complete mess”.’
The source added that, apart from the political implications, the revelation had caused ‘great personal distress to innocent parties’.
It is understood that the Prime Minister was told of the relationship – which does not involve anyone serving in the Cabinet – within the past few weeks. 
If details of the affair do emerge, it could place a further strain on Mr Cameron’s leadership, which is already being tested by backbench revolts over issues such as Europe and gay marriage and rumours of plots being hatched to overthrow him. 
On Friday, he faced a further blow when one of his MPs, Patrick Mercer, resigned the party whip after being caught in a cash-for-questions ‘sting’ operation.

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The Camerons holidaying in Ibiza last week, from the Daily mail article.

TAP – Is this story in any way related to the question placed on Tim Montgomerie’s recent  survey – whether Samantha Cameron should be given an official top job within the party?  It stuck out as a rather odd suggestion, in my opinion.

Does anyone have any other suggestions as to the affair?

Speculation is rife on the message boards and social media.  This gem for example –

wasp adds ……..
No.10 rocked by secret love affair: ‘Stunned’ PM holds crisis talks over fears tryst will ‘blow political agenda out of the water’

Is this just another diversionary tactic, of no particular importance, as they all appear to willing to “BEND OVER BACKWARDS” if it suits their purposes, particularly when it comes to “ASCENDING THE LADDER” FOR PERSONAL GAIN.

I don’t know why “DIPPY DAVE” is is working himself up into a Flap, as he has Stuffed Any Chances THE CONS might have had, & cleared the way for Nigel.


Mail Online article states:

It is understood that the Prime Minister was told of the relationship – which does not involve 
anyone serving in the Cabinet – within the past few weeks.

Who’s resigned recently?

TAP – It reminds you of the Cherie Blair/Derry Irvine rumours, which went around a few years ago.
Also on this blog.  

THIS COMMENT came in from Peter Nunn of Bristol, who has a longstanding internet ID and 
business in body armour etc called Protect Yourself.  The comment arrived on email but wasn’t 
even in spam on the blog, just disappeared into thin air, which made me decide to upload it onto 
the blog
(why do they mess with comments?).  

He seems to revel in the details a little too much, for my tastes, makes accusations which are 
unnecessary, and claims to have a video which I doubt.

Protect Yourself has left a new comment on your post “Who were the lovers at Number 10 Downing Street?“:

It is Boris Johnson and Samantha Cameron………. I have quite a bit of evidence, and 

releasing more soon. It is a shame that the affair has not been officially released yet, but it should be
I explain in my video

Posted by Protect Yourself to the tap at 1:09 pm

YouTube – Videos from this email
Protect Yourself
It seems obvious, all the evidence points towards Samantha 
Cameron and Boris …
2:11 PM (3 hours ago)

Henry Curteis <>
6:09 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Protect
(Peter Nunn)
How do we know you’re not just promoting yourself on the net?

I agree the pair (Sam Cam and Boris) are a possibility, and fit the specifications we have, but it needs
more than that.   The video seems more of an effort to discredit the story than an attempt 
to promote it, as it purports to do.   It was possibly put out for exactly that purpose.

No reply to my questions from Protect Yourself.  He makes his living by supplying governments.
Would he act publicly to displease them?

This from OSIRIS

Hi Tap
Some interesting comments by Peter Nunn. I have a feeling he’s not bluffing. In which case the Brooks / Coulson story is the decoy story. The Sam Cam / Boris story is the real story hanging over Cameron’s head like the sword of Damocles, before he’s told to carry out the latest wishes of the Bilderbergers later in the week?

If he doesn’t the Sam Cam / Boris story goes mainstream.

Fleet street have been leaking it themselves, I have spoken to a person who works cleaning at the Mail newspaper and he says they are all talking about it, pissed off they are being gagged. They cant wait to rip into Cameron and Johnson.

Peter Nunn 17 hours ago

I can see how Johnson could take top spot, but, the affair is quite damaging, though as it happened 9 years ago (too early to say with Samantha’ 2 year old). 9 years is a long time. Cameron will be so embarrassed he will step down, Johnson takes over. I suspect Johnson has leaked all this anyhow, its in his interests to.

Peter Nunn 18 hours ago

He knew about it before, but has raised his love child as his own, and never talked about the affair. As PM although not relevant to his job, the affair is a public relations nightmare for him, and of course very damaging to his daughter, who does not know who her real daddy is.

Peter Nunn 19 hours ago

Well, David Camerons daughter Nancy appears to be Boris Johnsons, plus someone outside the cabinet, both his wife and Boris are. Plus there is more compelling evidence I have not posted yet. Such as the video showing about Boris Johnsons court case (in may) about the media gag on his sex case. (will post later) 100% sure its Johnson and Samantha. Spread the word, ignore media blackouts.

Peter Nunn 18 hours ago

The mainstream media have a court gagging order, and cannot report it. Even the article today, mail on sunday? failed to provide enough info to deduce who the downing street affair couple are. But, look at all the evidence, I am happy to say Boris is the father of Nancy Cameron, and he had an affair with Samantha. I am not suggesting they are still having an affair. The sex tape I will not publish because it is not clear, though I may publish under a general heading, still thinking on it.

Peter Nunn 19 hours ago

It is not detailed enough to say 100% it is Boris and Samantha, so “apparently”. Maybe not the best word to use.

TAP – OSIRIS, the Tap Blog mystery poster.  I wonder if he works in Fleet Street.  His sendings are always of a professional standard, and he prefers to always stay anonymous.

If private information is used as political leverage to push Britain into yet more wars, for example,  it is
in the public interest for the information to get out as quickly as possible.


Thank you for your mail, I have no benefit to promoting myself, I do not do ads etc on my YouTube or other channels. The Screen name Protect Yourself used when I started my blog (and at the time a business of the same name) but now I go by Peter Nunn on my YouTube and all other content, and nothing is for money. 
I assure you I am not trying to promote myself or anything devious. I started doing YouTube videos a few months ago, and like to use them to get my point across, supporting free speech, spreading truth, and awareness of issues I feel strongly about, that benefit people, or are in the Public interest.

Sometimes as in the case of the affair, the basic issues are not in the public interest, but at the same time, I believe a substantial amount of public manipulation is taking place at the moment, and this one issue really annoyed me. The Mail should not of printed such a story, as it shows they have no balls, and the Press is not free. This is why I wanted to get the truth and get the message out there. 

There have been many theories on this story, Coulson, Brookes etc. I am 99% sure that the Sam Boris affair is the issue which is being manipulated, repressed, politically used, and hidden from the public. Another theory is that the Daily Mail made up this issue, and there is no substance to it, I cannot discount that one other possibility. They may of told key staff that there was this affair, and that they had proof. Has anyone seen this court order? what legal reasons? How can we abide by these things if we do not know the truth? yet by telling the truth we are breaking no law or order, as we were not aware of it, for the information was gagged. 
I am bit surprised I seemed to be the first to speak publically about it, possibly with some good fortune in speaking with my “informer”. 30k hits on youtube so far, most people mocking, and not willing to believe. Most thinking it should not be talked about.

The public in the UK over a number of years have been repressed, as have the press. Without realising it, we cannot report truth, speculate, or comment freely, it is disgusting. I am willing to go to jail over this issue.

You have a great blog going there, if you need anything just let me know, and feel free to post this e-mail response.  
Kind Regards,

Peter Nunn

TAP – As I say, if the people in office have big secrets to keep under wraps, they are very easy to manipulate, by people with an agenda which is against the interests of the British people, such as pushing us into wars that further the subjugation of the world to the banking cartel.  The Bilderbergs are meeting in Watford this week with more HSBC bankers than British politicians.  No doubt Cameron’s support will be needed for a full invasion of Syria. And that is why Sarkozy is in there meeting him as usual to ensure we don’t back out of the next NATO murdering session.

As for the credibility of Peter Nunn, I’m really not sure.  He claims his source is from Fleet Street.  I’ll let you be the judge.

Is the whole thing a stunt by Boris Johnson to take revenge on David Cameron for releasing information about his love child?  Or a combined stunt from all of them to take the attention away from the mass paedophile abuse of children by politicians?

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15 Responses to “Downing Street affair. Fleet Street rumours.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Sky and communications can enlighten us.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Must be a gay affair. Ha ha – brilliant if so. No big deal to normal folk, but the Tories won’t be able to deal with it.

  3. It seems obvious, all the evidence points towards Samantha Cameron and Boris Johnson, see proof in my video: Downing street affair

  4. So the conservative sleaze is back , True to form

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve read a blogger’s claim that two years ago he posted the assertion that Rachel Whetstone had an affair with Steve Hilton. Is this close enough to Cameron?

  6. Anonymous says:

    it interests me that Samantha cameron is a diect descendent of Nell Gwynn. Oranges, anyone?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Could this be a warning shot from the Bilderbergers, for Cameron to pull up his socks, and get Taxing us more.
    The Bilderbergers suppose meet in Dartford next week.
    Nearer the City of London would be best, somewhere near a military airfield !!, so they can creep in and out.
    This sex story would fill all the papers with drivel, so there would be no room left for important stories.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Rachel Whetsone and Steve Hilton affair – political dynamite (except they’re married, duh)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Andy Coulson and Rebecca Brooks have been named on twitter as being the two having the affair.
    Don’t know how true that is…. and if it is, who cares??? Hardly explosive scandal if it turns out to be those two.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unless I was around the time that dc did not feel it was necessary for ac to undergo enhanced security clearance. Shows a major lack of judgement at the very least, which would appear to be a recurrent pattern.

      Remember he was apparently exposed to top secret material above his level of clearance. If also was having affair with newspaper exec who might benefit directly from government policies…

  10. Tapestry says:

    Seems like Coulson will be trotted out as the news narrative today. They won’t hang him as he knows too much about the real story whatever it turns out to be.

  11. Anonymous says:

    May I please ask was my comment of Mr Nunn’s other video regarding this subject taken down please?

    Thank you

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is it Murdoch’s wife and Tony B.liar?

  13. Anonymous says:

    that’s the reason david Cameron his ploughing as much money into his bank account from froggy contracts, to pay off Samantha, what a diddy david he is he will throw in the towel or do that much damage before he goes, he will not have the slightest chance of winning the next election, akin to Maggie.

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