Welsh Assembly sets about destroying Wales

What really happened on BBC Any Questions

By  Environment Last updated: June 8th, 2013

One of last night’s protestors.
I did very much enjoy recording Any Questions in the belly of the beast – aka Eco Loon Central, aka the Centre for Alternative Technology in Machynlleth – this week. But I’m not sure it necessarily had the makings of brilliant radio.
The big problem with radio – as opposed to TV – is that if things start kicking off in the recording venue (as they very much did with last night’s unusually lively audience of yoghurt-weaving yurt-dwellers) there are no cameras to relay what’s going on to the outside world. If you were listening last night – or if you listened to today’s repeat – all you’ll have heard is some background protestations from the audience and the sound of Jonathan Dimbleby trying to keep order.
I think the technical term for what the BBC did with this programme was “trolling.” Step one: arrange to record your panel show in ground zero of green lunacy. Step two: invite one of Britain’s most infamous climate sceptics and one of Britain’s most outspokenly anti-wind-farm, pro-fracking MPs (Owen Paterson – who was partly responsible for effecting the government’s recent policy shift making it easier for groups to oppose wind farms). Step three: light touch-paper and run.
That noise you’ll have heard in the background was partly all the mung-bean-munchers in the audience jeering and hissing me when I expressed scepticism about climate change; but mainly – the real rumpus at the end – was when a small group of anti-badger-cull protestors in the front row tried to hijack the show by loudly shouting insults at Owen Paterson. Annoyingly this was at the very moment when it was my turn to speak about wind farms and I ended up having to shout into my mic so as to avoid being drowned out by the yelling badger huggers.
Anyway, I enjoyed it a lot, as I think Paterson did too. We didn’t feel threatened, the volunteers from the Alternative Technology Centre were all very sweet and welcoming, and of course it’s always tremendous fun getting to tell a bunch of eco loons to their face that they’re a bunch of eco loons – and have it broadcast all over the country.
But I fear that the real – and thoroughly undeserved – losers from all this were the thousands of people all over mid-Wales who are struggling desperately to stop their matchlessly beautiful landscape being destroyed by wind turbines and pylons. Taking the train to Machynlleth on Friday I looked out of the window slack-jawed at the magnificence of mid-Wales’s The-Shire-like hill country which has been rendered more lushly green than perhaps at any time in recent history thanks to the atmospheric abundance of glorious CO2. And the question I kept asking myself is: “How could anyone who really cares about our natural heritage possibly want to destroy this with wind turbines?”
Under current government plans, 800 turbines – some over 400 feet tall – are to be built in mid-Wales, with another 100 miles worth of pylons to be built across Montgomeryshire and into Shropshire in order to connect their expensive, intermittent, unreliable electricity with the national grid. This is going to cost a minimum of £2 billion. Yet, for about one fifth of that cost you can build a gas fired power station capable of producing nearly three times as much power – without blighting the countryside for miles around and without draining the pockets of the poor, put-upon energy user with unnecessary green tariffs.
These people deserve better than to have the cause dearest to their hearts trivialised in the way it was on BBC Any Questions. Given a bit more space and given a more balanced audience, I could have made a much more persuasive case for them. Instead, I was forced to bellow my point, slogan-like, into the mic in the last few seconds before the show closed while the badger protestors were barracking Paterson. Exciting for some us, perhaps, but not really fair on the people who really matter: the thousands of victims of the unconscionable wind energy scam still being forced on them by our Coalition government, the Welsh Assembly and Alex Salmond.


TAP – Coal fired power stations are today much cleaner than natural gas – about half as much carbon output, if carbon is captured at the point of combustion (unlike current government carbon capture programs).   Furthermore, the captured carbon is not a throwaway item.  If bonded with hydrogen, which is very cheap to get from water with catalyst, you get methanol, and burn the same carbon all over again, saving the need to go and pump oil from underground.

Coal is misrepresented at every turn.  Germany is going for coal and abandoning nuclear, as is Japan.  Dear old Britain hasn’t a clue.  Coal is plentiful and easy to mine, and now very clean to burn.    No need to frack which will destroy underground water resources, and release other pollution.

James is right about the global warming hoax, but wrong about natural gas power stations.  Wind is just a very expensive joke, and corrupt Welsh Assembly politicians have fallen for it.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Sun tries to troll conspiracy theorists:


    But fails epically (look through the comments)…

  2. Chris Jones says:

    Th sad thing is that the Centre for Alternative Technology at Machynlleth has been hijacked by washed up,often unwittingly bigoted hippies (yes-most are upper class English as it happens)who continually prat on about climate change, ecology and communatarian sustainability whilst moving in to and colonising Welsh speaking communities that have their own inherent,mostly Welsh speaking sustainable cultures (which are also welcoming and inclusive by the way-but do not tolerate fools gladly, which a lot of these delusional hippies are unfortunaetly)

    The reality is that the Welsh Assembly and Welsh Government in Wales contain as many uanware and oblivious dupes to the destruction of their own country as the dupes in Westminster,in Edinburgh,in Dublin and in Greece….

  3. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, I am still doing a lot of work outside whilst the Weather is good, I called it D.I.Y, but its far more involved than most would associate, as being DIY, however, as I am doing it myself it is Technically still DIY.

    You have had a very successful start to the month w/r/t Figs.
    As you know I have always believed that GLOBAL WARMING, due to CO2 So Called “Forcing” is a “LOAD OF BOLLOCKS”, as I stated the other day. I will give you an update with some Definitive, Information, regarding This Scam, that your readers may find interesting, as soon as I have time to put it together.

    Now to change the Subject, I have given you in the past, much information regarding REINHARD GALEN & WILD BILL DONAVAN,who set up the CIA, OPERATION GLADIO,THE RAT RUN,ROBERTO CALVI, & VATICAN INVOLVEMENT,OPERATION PAPER CLIP & its implications.

    At this juncture I would mention that both, GALEN,& DONAVAN, were PAPAL KNIGHTS, SMOMS. GLADIO IS NOT DEAD, & would like to draw your attention to :-

    Riots in Istanbul: Gladio strikes again

    Is Turkey next for the CIA’s spring cleaning? It certainly looks that way, from all the clues surrounding the huge riots that have developed seemingly overnight in Istanbul and other large cities.

    But not only The CIA are out of Control,but so is The British Security Service:-

    Woolwich: the naked power grab by British secret services is out of control

    With the family of the trooper butchered in South London wrapped in mourning and grief, who bursts upon the scene with complete indignity but Sheila Rimmington, the one and only female spook to head MI5.



  4. Chris Jones says:

    By the way-weather in Cardiff has been gorgeous,sunny and hot over the last three days – and chemtrails have been virtually non existent for those three days – how strange…….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, By the way Chris, Doncaster, Yorkshire, had 40 Chemtrails on Friday.
    Guess what, a giant sea fret came and we have 100% cloud cover, Sunday 9 June.
    The ” sea fret ” is what we have been shown on TV, so it must be real.

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