UKIP at Bilderberg fringe

Gerard Batten MEP London for UKIP is willing to tackle NWO issues – Nigel Farage tends to keep off these topics, and hold the focus on the EU.

Alex Jones says Bilderberg is mainly US and UK, controlling all the main political parties.

Gerard says, ‘why the secrecy?  what’s the trip they’ve got planned for everyone?   The discussions inside Bilderberg must be very important.  So what are they?’

Jones says that journalists no longer say people who talk about Bilderberg are conspiracy theorists.  But they still don’t tell anyone what’s being discussed, let alone decided.  The media is owned by the people inside the Bilderberg Group.

It was founded by the King of the Netherlands, a former member of Hitler’s SS.

He itemises the things we could decide in a referendum or in elections –

There are four main reasons for UKIP taking part in the European parliamentary elections 
These are to give the British electorate the opportunity to:
I Vote for Britain to leave the European Union.
II Vote to reject the European Constitution/Lisbon Treaty.
III Vote to reject British entry of the European Single Currency.
IV Vote to elect UKIP MEPs who will work to further the cause of Britain’s withdrawal from the
European Union.
TAP – What about NATO?  The UN?  Monsanto?  All the other legs of the global totalitarian state?  The EU is only a part of the matrix.
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2 Responses to “UKIP at Bilderberg fringe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Full marks to Gerard Batten MEP, for attending.
    Alex got round the police by getting near the meeting by boat, must have caught them off guard, as they stopped him going past again.
    Also the Watford Observer has run the story, and Mayor Dorothy Thornhill has been asking why the locals should be footing the police bill.
    Keep up your good work by exposing these Bilderberger crooks.
    Obviously they won’t be discussing money laundering or drugs.

  2. Road_Hog says:

    You don’t need to be in the meeting to know what is being discussed.

    It is NWO, OWG and globalisation. Plus a bit of Agenda 21 and how they control the population that is starting to wake up (albeit slowly) to what is happening to them.

    If we don’t stop them, they’ll turn the world into a huge plantation with us as the serfs. We will be forced to live in high density ‘Eco’ towns, banned from car ownership or house ownership and effectively be farmed like cattle.

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