Tricks they use to get you to vaccinate your child


Despite the fact that study after study confirms that vaccinated children are no more protected than their unvaccinated peers, governments from around the world, hand-in-hand with Big Pharma and the medical professionals, keep coming up with more elaborate ways to force parents into vaccinating their children.
I find it very sad that governments are so keen to boost vaccination targets that they are denying parents the ability to earn a livelihood by denying their children’s admittance into day care. This seems to me to be over the top and completely unnecessary. How do governments expect parents to be able to support their family if their children are denied access to day care provisions?
Social play is an essential part of a child’s development and to deny children the right to play with their peers in a safe play environment purely because they are not vaccinated, in my opinion, amounts to little more than child abuse.
How is the Australian government planning to get around parents’ right to opt for natural immunity for their children? Are they planning on changing the law to make vaccination mandatory or will they just make it mandatory for parents who use day care facilities?
Furthermore, to deny students the opportunity of attending their graduation ceremony just because they are not vaccinated with the chicken pox vaccine is totally ridiculous. Graduating from high school is one of the biggest days in a student’s life. It is a once in lifetime occurrence. Once it is gone, it is gone.
It is about time that the governments wised up to the fact the unvaccinated children are the most protected children on the planet and that it is the vaccinated that are most at risk of disease and disability. They need to read the work of Dr. Scheibner and the many other researchers who have spent years studying the subject of vaccination and allow children to develop their own natural immunity.

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