There are no ordinary human beings

This interview is another one of the John Taylor Gatto series.   Darwin wrote in The Descent Of Man that only 5% of the population should be breeding, and that if the 95% bred with the elite 5%, human evolution would start going backwards.  In Darwin’s estimation, the Irish were totally part of the 95% who could not evolve to a higher level.

This aspect of Darwin is never mentioned, yet the elite classes of societies share such views to this day.

The determination to keep the 95% from rising through the social levels is as strong as it ever was.

 Gatto resigned from teaching in 1991, saying he wanted to stop hurting kids.  Schools are designed to stop children learning, in is opinion, to enable the economic and social stricture to be maintained.  We keep people in their place by removing intellectual tools from kids, and removing the moral tools.  Gatto found he could persuade kids to fake social graces and get access to higher levels.  His kids began to win sports contests against elite schools.  Instead of this achievement being celebrated he started to get heavy criticism, including the inevitable accusations of child abuse.  From then on, I was ‘in hot water’, he says.

He left teaching after thirty years and has campaigned ever since to tell people their kids are being damaged by schooling.  He wrote The Underground History of American Education, in which he documents the ways that kids are deliberately and scientifically managed to fit the requirements of the elites, to render them incapable of analytical thought, of active literacy, and of social manners.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    when people like George Orwell were telling the public that this was in store for them, many did not believe it, an Austrian corporal with a short moustache offered Britian the freedom from banking terror, and we went to war and smashed Germany in the same way we did iraq.

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