The word ‘care’ in the hands of government means total abuse.

Care at the hands of the state

SPECIAL REPORT by CHRIS EVERARD: Second in line to the VATICAN for the most 

allegations against it concerning the abuse of Children are the Welsh Freemasons

 and their Mafia-Ring of CARE HOMES for teenage children and old people…

Historic allegations of abuse in Welsh care homes have finally been followed up…

 More than one hundred victims came forward – and it seems that on top of being

 charged as much as £2,500 PER WEEK for a bed-sit, some of these ‘Homes’ have

 been prostituting the children in their ‘Care’ to Freemasons who occupy positions 

of power on local councils… As soon as the Care Home has had access to the bank 

accounts of the old people in their care handed over to them, the elderly inmates 

are beaten-up and sent to an early death, or some ‘accident’ is staged.

The CARE HOME INDUSTRY works like this: A big house is converted with toilets 

that have handles low-down, and fire exits. Rooms are divided into bed-sits. Then, 

either the local SOCIAL SERVICES snatch attractive children from Working Class 

families or tell elderly people who have more than a few thousand pounds’ savings 

that they will not be able to stay in a NHS hospital but, because they have some 

savings, they will have to pay circa £2,500 per week from their savings to live in 

one of these 10-foot by 12-foot bed-sits. Of course the snatched children aren’t 

charged anything – they are prostituted to local governors, councillors, policemen 

and Freemasons.

Alleged abuse victim Steven Messham was incarcerated in one of these Care Homes

 when he was just a child. In October 2012, he told the BBC Newsnight TV show

 that he was raped “more than a dozen times” after being picked up in a plush car 

that visited the children’s home in North Wales where he was incarcerated, having

 been snatched away from his family by Social Services… Who was the abuser of 

these children in a posh car? BBC Newsnight described the pedo as ‘a shadowy

 figure of high public standing’, but failed to name him.

Mr Messham, who made his allegations to the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal 

was ignored, Mr Meesham said ‘various things would happen’ at the hands of a 

senior Tory politician and he was ‘basically raped’. Mr Meesham was one of 

hundreds of children abused in the 1970s and 80s – exploitation brought to light 

by the Waterhouse Inquiry Report in 2000, TWELVE YEARS AGO. When Newsnight 

were found out protecting the identity and pedo-ring led by Jimmy Savile and other 

millionaire Kids-TV presenters, the Public began to ask for – at last – a proper 

investigation into the thousands of old people and children who have been 

tortured, beaten and raped by men (and some women) which usually have some 

kind of link to either the Conservative/Tory Party, the local council or 


Operation Pallial led by Director General of the National Crime Agency Keith Bristow

 will give an update on its progress after beginning its whitewash investigation last 

November. Dragging its heels, this investigation is FORTY YEARS OVERDUE. So far,

 the Pallial probe, supported by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA – 

who are famous for protecting gangland Copyright Fraudsters on NASDAQ such as 

Ebay), has resulted in just ONE arrest made over the allegations centring on North 

Wales care homes in the 1970s and 1980s. Operation Pallial was one of two 

investigations announced by millionaire cousin to the Queen, Prime Minister David 

Cameron, after an abuse victim, Mr Steve Meesham, claimed that Lord McAlpine 

had abused him. Mr Meesham was interviewed on the BBC’s Newsnight programme

 and the segment began with the words “…this man says a leading Conservative 

Politician from the time was one of his abusers…”. Newsnight is, of course, the

 same BBC TV show which censored and covered-up the abuse of teenagers in

hospitals and care homes by Jimmy Savile. Lord McAlpine is one of the senior 

financiers of the Conservative Party and the authorities have been at pains to 

uphold his claim that the allegations against him were a case of, ahem, ‘mistaken


So far, then, just ONE MAN has been arrested in the Operation Pallial probe. He was

 taken into custody in Ipswich, and has been released on bail after being accused of

 “a number of serious sexual offences against a number of individuals”. Former

 Care Home inmate, Tony Gregory, who says he suffered physical abuse in 

Wrexham care home Bryn Estyn between 1977 and 1978, wants culprits who have

 escaped justice for decades jailed.

Mr Gregory, 51, from Wrexham, who has suffered with depression all his adult life 

and struggled to hold down a job, said: “People are still walking free that should 

have been jailed years ago.” Mr Gregory, who says he was sectioned for several 

months when the abused scandal re-emerged late last year, added: “Nobody has 

ever admitted any liability. We’ve been told it was a farce and we were telling lies 

because we were all after making a bit of money.” Mr Gregory’s, brother Keith, 55,

 a Wrexham councillor, has said he was also abused during his time in the care 

system in the early 1970s. The abusers and their friends are nearly all Freemasons 

in positions of power.

The Gregory brothers suggest the abuse went much wider than the Waterhouse

 Inquiry, which published its report Lost in Care in 2000, found. In line with its 

remit, this £13m inquiry focused on abuse in care homes in the former North Wales

 counties of Clwyd and Gwynedd. The report dealt with more than 650 cases of 

child abuse in 40 care homes over a 20-year period. Funny how there has only 

been ONE arrest – and that was in Ipswich – more than 200 miles from the centre 

of where these Freemasons operate!

Many of these CARE HOMES are owned by the same people – they are converted 

from existing properties and bought and sold on the open market with INMATES 

STILL RESIDENT – an average six bedroom house, once divided into bed-sits and a 

solid income paid by local councillors, will increase in value from, say, £856,000 to

 more than £3,000,000 in value – simply because the local tax-payers’ money is

 sent to the Care Home each week for the up-keep of the snatched children.

It was revealed after an investigation into Care Home owners who had been buying

 and trading Care Homes i the DALTON’S WEEKLY newspaper that many of the 

owners were actually (or had been in the past) working for the local government 

office which paid these subsidies in the first place. The ownership of several Care 

Homes has been traced to Aristocrats in Gloucestershire. Two homes are owned by 

officers of the Serious Fraud Squad, one is owned by a Member of Parliament. The 

investigation continues.

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  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I demand a public inquiry into public inquirys!Joking aside,I’m sure it will happen in this deluded situation we are all in.We know that ALL public inquiries are whitewashes but they still go on.What if real people had stood outside Elm House and witnessed the visitors? Would they have continued?Would they?Either we actually do something ourselves about things or join in with the abusers because waiting for the authorities to act is tantamount to collusion.In fact we are financing the abusers by paying for the inquiries.How they must laugh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    used chemical cosh

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    so the elderly cant expose the truth

    in a un care home near you.


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