The Woolwich Terror Hoax

By Nick Kollerstrom on June 15, 2013
A short walk from the Woolwich DLR station takes you to a moving tribute scene, a huge mass of flowers, national flags and various gifts, to a ‘Fuselier Guard’ whose death became known on 22nd May: Drummer Lee Rigby. Deep are the passions aroused by this death, which have echoed around our world.
We are here dealing with a constructed terror event where nothing is what it appeared to be: actors act their parts and the media report as they are told.
The primal War-on-Terror theme has been powerfully reinforced by this mirage, as ‘the Phantom Menace’ strikes again.
We here go through the sequence of apparent events, examining a series of what I will call Absolute Physical Impossibilities.
A car ends up on the pavement of a busy street under some trees. Because of the way it is facing it would have had to veer over from the other side of the road, having just emerged from a traffic-lights crossing, somehow waiting for a brief gap in the traffic to cross over – and bump up onto a good 4” pavement, then somehow drive along until, whump! It hit DLR (Drummer Lee Rigby). He was walking away from them just by a traffic sign held up by two posts, wearing a ‘Help the Heroes’ T-shirt.
First Absolute Physical Impossibility: this could only have been synchronised by an overhead helicopter, to see DLR walking along, see the gap in the traffic, see the lights changing, and then give the car its instructions. There was no such helicopter.
On the story we are given, there is no way the car driver could have identified DLR, given the brief second or so between possibly seeing him and deciding to drive across the road. And yet the whole point of the story, is that ‘terrorists’ killed a British soldier.
Had such a car been coming towards him bumping up onto on the pavement, an army lad would have been trained to sense it behind him, and he only needed to spring forward a yard or so, other side of the big traffic sign, to have been safe.
Where you might expect the car to have crossed over the road there is a lamp post, ten yards or so from the afore-mentioned traffic sign, so the car would have had to skirt round that lamp post – then further down is a railing, near the traffic lights. We’re talking about Artillery Road, Greenwich where this whole drama was constructed.
Skid-marks on the pavement, coming from the tyres (see below, 2nd picture) – or possibly trails of car oil – point towards that lamp-post, not shown in this image. It could not have happened!
Second Absolute Physical Impossibility: the car had its whole front crumpled up, as if it had hit something, inches from the poles of the traffic sign right in front – yet those poles were untouched, with no scratch from any bump. That has to be a stage setup.  You can’t see the poles now, they are choc-a-bloc with flowers, messages etc but fortunately Morris Herman (‘Morris108′) went there early and reported this central fact.
And we are supposed to believe the two ‘evil terrorists’ then emerged unharmed from the car, one brandishing a meat cleaver and the other a gun? Why slam the front of the car into something if you have a gun you are intending to use?
On a busy city street, we are supposed to believe that no-one took any photos of this whole sequence of events?

Third Absolute Physical Impossibility: DLR is lying knocked over from the car bump, then one killer starts chopping his head off, causing death. But – there is no blood. Eight pints of red blood should have spurted out onto the pavement.

While there is no blood on the pavement, shown by close-up photos of the scene, there is blood seen from an overhead police-helicopter photo. The latter has to be fake.  Quoting here Jim Stone:
“When the helicopter flies over, you can see blood where they supposedly dragged their victim from under the bushes to the road. That blood is NOT THERE in the videos shot before the helicopter arrived, and ALL video is AFTER they drag their supposed victim into the road. That´s one obvious set up team blooper. In Hollywood, that’s what is called a continuity error.”     (May 24th)
The air photo supposedly shows a trail of blood as the body was dragged out into the road. Murderers usually try to hide themselves after committing the act – but, O no, not this one.
In the Daily Mirror video  (part 2, v30 seconds) note various people standing around while the body is heaved out into the road. The road has to have been sealed off in advance – at 2.20 pm on 22 May. That is the only way something could have been dragged into the middle of a busy London road.
Fourth absolute physical impossibility The corpse supposedly lies in the middle of the road, with no drop of blood around it – for twenty minutes, while the two perps (or rather, patsies) hang around waiting for the police to arrive. What were they waiting for?
2nd picture: again, not a drop of blood to be seen! This time you can just see the traffic sign which the car supposedly bumped into. Casual conversations are here meant to be going on, after a soldier has been hacked to death: clearly no-one expects the Fuselier guard to come storming out of the nearby barracks!
In no photos can the head / lack of head be seen. The t-shirt appears pulled up to possibly cover over the head.
The army does not arrive! This is right outside their barracks, one of their soldiers hacked to death by a ‘wicked terrorist.’  DLR was supposedly coming from London back to his barracks, so he would have had to carry ID to get in. But, the evening paper said merely that he was believed to be a soldier.  Then the identifying was done by his teeth? This is an impossible storyline. We express this as –
Fifth Absolute Physical Impossibility: If DLR was returning to his barracks, he would have to have had some physical ID.  Then he would have been identified and the army barracks told. They would have stormed out. If the army did not come out, after half an hour,  it basically means that DLR did not die there – he was already dead.
We see a large white lorry at one end of the road (away from the traffic lights) and a bus containing schoolchildren at the other end, and the road is blocked off for traffic. The bus has been parked opposite the lamp-post alluded to above- there isno bus-stop there.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, We know this news is being ‘manufactured’ all over the world.
    Just like the article says, the press report it as true, even the reporters must be in on ‘it’.
    Why, is the question.
    Is it to get the population ready to see death an mutilation.
    Just like the Para Olympics, parade injured people, to show they can recover.
    What are the Elite and Freemasons setting us up for.

  2. giark65 says:

    Keep it simpler.

    Did the ‘soldier’ have a large bullseye on his back stating as such so our angry ‘muslim’ intelligence trained actor could spot and hit?

    How the hell would he have known that pedestrian was a soldier? Lucky he was carrying his ginso knife as well.

    Just left Cebu after 10 years. Surprised I never came across your fantastic blog.

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