The look of martial law

They organise false terror events, fly in millions of foreigners,  burn down religious buildings and try every trick in the book to kindle internal hatred.  At the same time they militarise the Police.  Inside all these fancy dress outfits, skin colours and religious programs, are human beings with families who all want to survive and thrive.  It is only the elites who think they can succeed by setting us all up against each other.  Don’t buy it.

Think beyond the uniform, the skin, the brandishing of weapons and the holy books.  We are all human beings being oppressed by the ultra-powerful who sit in secret in The Grove Hotel, Watford at Bilderberg.  In their ranks you find ultimate arrogance, hatred and the will to crush human life.  We are their targets, breathing their chemtrails, consuming their additives and having our minds loaded up with their evil narratives.

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