The IRS has the power to ruin anyone they want anytime they want

Lest we forget, the IRS has been deliberately
targeting people who have political opinions
the government doesn’t like.

“They can do almost anything they want
to anybody they want anytime they want.”



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One Response to “The IRS has the power to ruin anyone they want anytime they want”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fine speech but if you know what I know then be aware that every level of government in the UK is now utterly corrupted.

    They will gloss over every issue and will promote a Satanic agenda at every level because this country has sold out.

    The saddest thing is that every individual involved in the conspiracy has no idea that by doing so, they will be condemned to the pit of Hell for all eternity.

    So why do they bother? Because they are fools.

    I have been searching for one righteous person over the last 25 years and have yet to find one.


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