The gap between the education system and what people need to thrive in life

John Taylor Gatto talks about how the elites subverted the education system.   Their agenda was called ‘Communism’ by many who saw something going on.  The interference was much more profound.  The Metaphysical Club at Harvard at the turn of the last century included John Dewy, James and many key shapers of 20th Century American institutions.  The most important one was Charles S Pearce, a part-time lecturer at Harvard, who said that truth and justice flatly do not exist.  They are only what the strongest members of society say they are.  They rationalised irrationality.  Pragmatism took over.  Justified sinning became permitted.  It created a blank cheque to do whatever you want.

This has been the driving force in American life for a very long time.  This has been the driving force of the elites throughout history.  Yet before they lacked the dominance to be able to impose their views on the rest of the world.  Bertrand Russell said the elites in the 20th Century had the technological ability to mass mind control populations, bring about and justify anything they desired.

Populations used to be 100% literate, and at the time of US Independence was at a very high level – seminar/college level.  Common Sense, a book in a US with a population of 3 million sold 600,000 copies.  This book defeats college students today as too subtle to pick up the meanings.  Literacy rates have tumbled.

Thomas Paine took complex ideas and reduced them to plain talk.  This can be done without harming the ideas.  Same as Dickens.  This could be distributed wholesale.  Teaching people to speak and think is not what the elites want.  As long as you can read well, you can develop ideas, but you can’t communicate with anybody.

The British Government made it illegal to communicate dissident thinking.  The act of literacy was preserved in elite boarding schools – the ability to speak fluently.  The current President (Obama?) is masterful at the nuances of speech.  As was Clinton (Bill).  Where do they learn this?  Clinton emerged from a state where Rockefeller was the Governor.  Yale keeps the class tradition most actively alive.  The elites bailed out of Harvard in 1805/1810, and headed West taking with them their class-based thought.  The Unitarians spread out.

They joined churches already going until they became the largest section of the congregation, then took over their assets.  The symbol of the Fabians in Britain is the wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Beatrice Webb, the welfare state architect, was the niece of the most article intellectual racist supremacist in history, Herbert Spencer.  He said ‘Exterminate the brutes.’  She said,’ kill them with kindness’.  It doesn’t take long to ruin people by being kind to people.

Steed from the Avengers was an insider joke, as was James Bond.  Justified sinning Licence to Kill.  (more points here.  I missed some of them)

Prussian schooling is designed to uphold the status quo.  New Presbyter is but Catholicism writ large, as they meet once a year.  The minister is the official to act as the middleman, with the Congregation getting the word directly from God.  Luther – every man is his own priest.  Dissenting independent religions were not welcome so they were splintered.

No governments last long, as the hierarchy must be preserved.

J.P.Morgan took over the press by appointing all the editors, and controlled foreign policy.  The CFR came about.

Rockefeller was called the biggest traitors for selling oil to both sides in the war.  So were the metal can manufacturers.  These facts were hidden from public view, til kids today have no idea.

Newspapers and magazines pre-WW2 were sure there was going to be a war, but no worries as no potential enemy would be able to resupply their losses, and that is what happened.  They ended the war the same way they started the war.  They closed down freedom of speech, and used the war to get into control.

Carole Quigley exposed the conspiracy in Tragedy & Hope.  MacMillan broke the plates.  Gatto found a copy at NY University, from where he had it stolen.  Stan Monteith called him, saying he had some copies, as he had printed some.  Then others had done this.  Until a growing number of people became aware of the fact the story was falsified, how Presidents were selected by the elites before they were ‘elected’.  Quigley believed in the conspiracy, but just thought openness was no problem, as the power of the elites cannot be stopped anyway.

The only free people are those armed with equal firepower as their government.  It’s a hideous turn in human history.  The comprehensive surveillance society means no group can ever be armed with equivalent fire-power as the government.  The only weapon left that governments can’t stop is the suicide bomber.

Quigley’s Anglo-American Establishment is beyond the reach of ordinary people reading without a coach.

Darwin did Gatto a favour by indicting the Irish as hopelessly irredeemable, along with the Spanish and many others, which gave his game away.  Darwin had a lot of innocence in his character.  Gorton had none.  The anti-educational structuring of schools was his work.  Truth is, superb education doesn’t cost a penny to deliver.  Money makes it easier but money is used to produce layer after layer of interventions which get in the way of the result.

Adam Smith in Theory of Moral Sentiments says spending your life making money is mad, but we should be grateful to those who do such.  You have to be nuts to assemble capital, was his message.  That’s in effect for the elites.

Benjamin Franklin was not a nice man – the ultimate pragmatist.  He masqueraded as a Quaker, but never had any contact with them.  His son was alienated and would’t speak to him throughout his life.  His autobiography is worth its weight in gold.  It says a curriculum of the highest standard could be delivered to 11 and 12 year olds.  They are capable of high level written prose.

He found ways of forcing the German population to yield their children to English.  Read his autobiography very slowly and see how to control populations.

Thomas Edison begged his mother not to send him to school.  He wanted to head west pre-Civil War – he went 1000 miles from home, aged 12 and became a train boy.  He had a broken down printing press in the boxcar, and started making a newspaper running current civil war news.  He sold the Grand Trunk Herald along the line at the whistlestops.  He accumulated  a lot of money, from which he started three businesses, which used the advantage he had from being on the train.

He could distribute magazines and newspapers free.  He had food businesses for the passengers.  He had 1007 patents in his life without a day in college.  He made the entrance exam to his company so hard, that he claimed, laughing, that no college kid could pass it.

Malthus said it was great kindness to work people to death and starve them and save them from their hopeless lives.  Bernays/Spinosa use fear to control people not rationality –    Spinosa wrote Tractatus religio politicus from 1690.  Get a translation.  He puts Hitler in the shade.  He sold them to monarchs.

Jefferson based many of his ideas on Spinosa.

Nicholas Macchiavelli was a Florentine, when Italy was a collection of city states. Macc was a mid-level politician who was ambitious.  He wanted to become a Kissinger to the Borgias.  His character is hard to work about.  He spills out the secrets of how a Prince should maintain and enlarge his power.  The powerful were furious he wrote the book.  The subservient became aware of what was truthfully going on.  People should read and be aware of what he wrote.

National Policy in the US was contradicted by schools and colleges.  It was decided that this must never happen again.  Tape goes unclear and dark at the end.  Probably don’t want people to know how schools and colleges are controlled far more closely than anyone realises.

The 4th clip is also good.  Governments don’t want autonomous people, and so they programme them not to think from an early age.  How can they manage a society that doesn’t need managing?  John describes his Jesuit schooling, how he was humiliated by a Jesuit brother in front of his classmates and the experience changed his life.  Their hearts were in the right place, he says.

Every philosopher in human history has said, ‘Know yourself.’

He analysed the 12 secrets of the boarding school system, the inner circle 20 or so schools – from where the Bushes, JFK, John McCain emerged.  The importance of religious tradition is a key element – the Anglican religion, which was put together by committees.  Some of the elite schools are Quakers.

He adapted the principles to educating Harlem kids, and found after about 90 days, his kids began winning competitions against the inner circle schools.  He was called in and accused of child abuse, and got hot water ever since.  Literacy is at the heart of an intellectual inner life.  Prior to WW1, literacy was divided into passive literacy – reading – and active literacy, which was speaking and writing.  Active literacy was suppressed.  Strong competence in active literacy is at the heart of the elite schools.

Education is all about hunting theory and insight about human nature.  Mastery of the social forms is another key element of the high elite schools.  Not knowing about social form blocks off opportunities.  It’s just a superficial gloss on how to approach people.  It was possible to overcome racial prejudice by adding this social gloss.

He trained Harlem kids to learn how to act as if college kids, and get past security at colleges and so on without being stopped.  Almost My Fair Lady/Pygmalion stuff.  He sees the differences as mere languages.  You can shift effortlessly from one to another.  All kids are biologically equipped to learn multiple languages.

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