Supposed Santa Monica College shooting: Smells like another hoax

Why can’t the government hire better actors? After all it has oodles of taxpayer money at its disposal. Remember the bank bailouts and all those “shovel ready” jobs Obama was going to create? 

However, it appears as if the only thing Obama and his coordinated efforts have “created” lately are false flag events such as the alleged Sandy Hook shooting, the alleged Boston Marathon “bombing,” and now the latest – the highly suspicious  Santa Monica “incident.”

Note at the 58 second mark of the short video the unidentified (anonymous) “college student” cannot contain himself. He begins to laugh like the Sandy Hook Medical examiner did when going on with his acting part. Again, this Moralmatters author asks: Why can’t the government hire better actors? Why can’t taxpayers get their money’s worth?
Also note the sloppy job of the unidentified female “reporter.” She did not ask the two people interviewed, to identify themselves. She allowed the man to go on his personal opinion mini rant.  [Very suspicious] Again this author asks: ”When did government and its mainstream media ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Something smells. It’s time that the American public question every news media event for its authenticity. Why? Because the mainstream media has a record of bias and dishonesty. It’s time that the public not allow government contrived and coordinated events to be presented as real time events to scare and propagandize the American people into trading their Constitutional freedoms for more government control.
Please note, after the video, some remarks this Moralmatters author found on the web concerning this latest (so-called) “terrorist” event.
Again, it is worth the repeated mention:
Note at the 58 second mark of the short video the unidentified (anonymous) “college student” cannot contain himself. He begins to laugh like the Sandy Hook Medical examiner did when reporting on all the (supposed) dead bodies parents and family members were prevented from identifying and seeing.

Santa Monica Hoax Proven in Pictures

Smoke and mirrors, Santa Monica so-called terrorist attack is just another hoax. No one died, and no one was injured. How convenient: people were burned up alive in a house, a controlled fire with plenty of fire-fighters about doing virtually nothing. This time Zionist hostile ones made it appear more believable by demonstrating actual windows blown out, seemingly by bullets.
Yet, despite all the pontificating the pictures tell all. They surely don’t lie
What is this supposed to be? Did they export the Woolwich fake dummy to Santa Monica? Or, is this standard issue for such hoaxes? It is just incredible, unbelievable–unfathomable. Just leave the fake out in full view on the pavement, so the witnesses can say to the whole world, “I saw a body. It looked like a cop or somebody in military gear. Someone died.” 
This picture alone proves the scam. “Leave the dummy out there as long as possible, so that all the TV networks can get footage and so, since no one really died, people can believe in their heavily controlled minds that there was a fatality.” Sorry: no trail of blood means this is a fake and such a person (or dummy) was NOT shot dead. Moreover, never before in the history of a crime scene does anyone drag the corpse for photo-ops in the middle of the walkway. ‘They’ drug him over there and then took his shoes off. Who would believe it?

President Barack Obama stopped in Los Angeles Friday for a fundraiser lunch in Santa Monica — just blocks from a shooting at Santa Monica College — before flying to Palm Springs for a meeting with Chinese President  Xi Jinping.
President’s LA Visit: Traffic Advisory
Air Force One departed LAX ta about 2:30 p.m., and the Secret Service said the shooting did not affect the visit.

“We are aware of the incident and it is not impacting the visit. It’s a local police matter at this point,” said Secret Service Spokesman Edwin M. Donovan.

Air Force One touched down at LAX at about 10:55 a.m. after Obama’s health-care speech at a San Jose hotel. He arrived in the Bay Area Thursday night for a brief fundraising visit and the speech. The President boarded a military helicopter — designated Marine One — for a short flight to Santa Monica, where he is scheduled to attend a mid-day fundraiser.
The two-day meeting at Sunnylands estate in Rancho Mirage will be Obama’s first with Xi Jinping since he became China’s president. They are expected to talk about several issues involving U.S.-China relations, including cyberattacks on U.S. corporate and national security targets.

A White House statement characterized the summit as “in-depth discussions on a wide range of bilateral, regional and  global issues.”

The President touched down at Moffett Field Thursday, marking his second visit to the Bay Area in as many months. He was greeted about 50 people invited to the landing, including Sunnyvale Mayor Tony Spitaleri, Ames Research director Peter Worden, California National Guard Col. Steven Butow and Mountain View Mayor John Inks.

The President’s visit, which lasted less than 12 hours, began Thursday night at the home of Flipboard CEO Mike McCue and his wife, Marci, in Palo Alto. Guests, who paid anywhere from $2,500 to $12,000 to attend the event, began lining up around 5 p.m. to get into the McCue’s residence.

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    Living in So Cal I also cannot help but note LA had the terrorist drill the day before the Santa Monica Event!

  2. gimp hole says:

    Santa Monica College Shooting Hoax Part I
    Santa Monica College Shooting Hoax Part II

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