Snowden myth being used for more Illuminati ops

Moody’s downgrades Hong Kong over Snowden: Is ratings agency a political arm of US?

21st Century Wire says…

Yesterday the world made some sense, but then you wake up today and realise how far-reaching the international white collar mafia truly is…
International financial ratings agency Moody’s is not known for being a political enforcement arm of Washington DC… until now that is.In a move which sets a dangerous precedent of politicizing the world’s markets, Moody’s just made an aggressive move towards global financial warfare between Washington and China, and perhaps the rest of the world as well – by downgrading 9 major Hong Kong banks today. 

TAP – Snowden’s the device to let the world know the state can follow their every move.  Now he’s being used to further a financial crisis.  He’s looking more like an Illuminati op than a real event – another Assange and another Manning.  It’s the best way to get the story out to the masses – as a faux exposure.  It’s an old technique, I imagine.
marc adds –

It has been said; a truth exposed is often much simpler than it first appears. 

Here’s my opinion;

The simple truth behind Edward Snowdon is; there is no Edward Snowdon, there never was. There is only this somewhat dazed looking man, called Julian Assange, the sole hacker in all of this. If any information was leaked it was Assange who leaked it. (After hacking it) 
Julian Assange, the mole in the middle of London, hacking away in his embassy where he is unseen. Untouchable by law.

From where he is he can do everything he wants online. EVERYTHING. I mean, it’s not like authorities are going to cut of the power, are they? It’s and embassy! In other words; a hackers heaven. With the blessing of the Ecuadorian government. Assange doesn’t want to to leave. He is perfectly happy where he is. 

Honestly, what do we REALLY think he is doing up there in his little room in the Ecuadorian embassy? Playing cards? Reading Playboy? This man has turned himself into the Jesus Christ of hacking and enjoying every minute of his new found fame, presenting himself as the “adult who will punish the flaws of disobedient governments”.
And we call him sir and mister and pretend we take his babbling seriously. 

Give me a break. 

The world (mainly the Obama administration) are taken for a ride and Assange is laughing till he chokes.
I think that’s another part of this story; this almost unbelievable Snowdon-hype has so called professional governments (again the States) lost for words and common sense.

Edward Snowdon will never leave his Moscow airport, wearing sunglasses and facing flash-photography, because he can’t. I bet he never arrived in the first place. I suspect he might not even exist, except in cyberspace. 
Think about it; to book a flight from Hongkong To Moscow on-line is easy enough. And he fact that Snowdon never physically boarded is irrelevant. As we witnessed, world wide media hype quickly began to lead a life of its own. “Snowdon must have boarded because an airline computer said so”. The excitement begins!
and so it goes on and on and on…
Welcome to the word of cyberspace (Or Planet Hacking for Julian Assange)

That’s it and that’s all. 
The truth is out there but it’s not what we expect.
Isn’t it often?

We all love a good mystery and, no doubt, the movie with Matt Damon will be in theaters next year. Shot in Hawaii, Hongkong, Moscow and Havanna. 
But for now, don’t believe the Assange hype. It’s all a smokescreen to satisfy his ego, for he is nothing more than another obsessed hacker.
Wether his actions are right ot wrong, thats’s what he is and that’s what he’s doing. It’s nothing more than a one man operation. 
And if that sounds to simplistic to be true, believe it because it very well might be so…

That’s what I think.

Thanks for reading.

TAP – Maybe the myth will be killed.

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4 Responses to “Snowden myth being used for more Illuminati ops”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, Your explanation sounds a lot simpler.
    I said you would come round to our way of thinking in the end.
    Simpler the better.

  2. Tapestry says:

    It wasn’t that I didn’t agree with you from the start. It’s just that the story runs on many levels, and you can’t write them all at once. The facts about NSA/GCHQ supervision of the internet are nothing new, but most of us needed a refresher. After having completed that exercise, then we were ready to wonder why our media managers and controllers were seeing fit to give us one. They want us to look at the with fear, I am sure. Yet the situation is more than just alarming. It is also interesting to observe, and to wonder about. Curiosity is enough to drive anyone to look a little deeper into what the game plan is.

    If we comply with a reaction of fear, then their media exercise will do their work for them. They can control the masses without firing a single bullet.

  3. Julia says:

    SOmeone said that all this whistleblowing show is like a “controlled demolition” of the world powers. That reminds me of the Twin Towers. They just build another one. Unless we stop cooperating.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi guys,

    I know that they want us to fear them, but what I want to know is this: why shouldn’t we fear them? I’m feeling pretty scared at the moment, as things seem to be getting all the more intense.

    People aren’t listening to me when I talk about the inevitable NWO, so how can we not be afraid? They are controlling everyone and everything.

    I’m kinda new to all this information, so I’m a little shaken up, still. Sorry if I’m being a fear-monger.

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