Shaken Baby Syndrome is cover-up for vaccine damage

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Early this year, Dr. Michael Innis published his latest peer-reviewed study in Clinical Medicine Research. His paper titled Autoimmunity and Non-Accidental Injury in Children discusses the cases of five children suffering from brain injuries and fractures after vaccinations. After studying each case in depth, he concluded that vaccination could be responsible for the triad of injuries commonly associated with SBS. [11]
In his paper, Dr. Innis outlines that the response to antigenic stimulation damaged the beta cells in the pancreas causing hypoinsulinaemia (unusually low levels of insulin in the blood), which inhibited the cellular uptake of vitamin C, resulting in liver dysfunction, failure of carboxylation of the vitamin K dependent proteins, resulting in hemorrhages and fractures associated with the triad. He concluded that fractures, retinal and subdural hemorrhages and encephalopathy in children are autoimmune responses to antigenic stimulation in a genetically susceptible individual.
He explains that common antigens are mandated vaccines, viral, bacterial and parasitic infections.
To understand exactly how cases of vaccine damage are frequently misdiagnosed as SBS, please read Dr. Innis’s paper in full.
I found his paper easy to read, interesting and revealing and I was particularly enlightened to see him open his paper by quoting the work of psychologist Lisa Blakemore-Brown, who in 1995-1996 became the first professional to identify that parents were being falsely accused of child abuse after their child had suffered a vaccine injury.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember when The Tap covered this subject a couple of years ago:

    Tragic for any parent to lose a child. I wonder if Anne Diamond has ‘woken up’ yet to what really killed her child.

  2. Lucas Moore says:

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Very true Lucas Moore.

    Humans once had a use for their appendix… back in the ‘stone-age’. The processed garbage which goes under the label of ‘food’ is all too common these days, especially in the western culture.

    That McDonald’s burger or fries might smell nice, look nice, even taste nice… it’s just going to soft-kill you eventually due to the chemicals, additives, and other garbage your body really doesn’t need.

    It’s no wonder that eastern cultures live longer. Healthier diet with organic/non-GMO foods.

    Turmeric being a real life-saver too and costs pennies. The food/bigPharma industries don’t want you to know that though as it cuts into their greed-driven profits.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had a close friend who lost his baby son to cot death in the early 1980’s. My recollection is that the infant had been recently vaccinated:


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