Santa Monica Hoax Proven – Fake Blood and Moulage Kits

This post will prove that the Santa Monica so-called rampage and shooting is a total fake, just like Sandy Hook and the Boston smoke bombing hoax. The poster-person for Dianne Feinstein & Co.’s Santa Monica shooting hoax is none other than arch-fraudster Debra Fine. It is Fine who is the media hound, who is being featured from one interview to the other as the new visible example of the danger of those “horrible semi-automatic weapons.

Fine is supposed to be in this car. Even if she was in the vehicle, it is irrelevant, because she wasn’t murdered. The smoke in the background represents the end-stage of a controlled fire: a total fake.

It will be seen, step-by-step, that this is a set-up with paid actors and possibly actual civil servants, all participating in the fraud, coordinated by Hollywood-style directors. The picture above is for public consumption, as the heroes in yellow come to the aid of the purported shooting victim, despite the fact that no evidence of such a shooting can be seen. Watch closely, frame-by-frame: it will be seen what really happens.

There are three men in firemen suits staging this person; a policeman is also seen in the background. The woman is sitting on the edge of the seat waiting patiently to be made-up for the role. The make-up artists are the two men in the firemen suits, the one bending over and the one near the edge of the door.
The man at the edge of the door is looking furtively over his shoulder; wants to make sure that no one is about who could document his next move. Note the bright-orange kit behind him. Rather than a EMT kit this is a Ben Nye moulage kit, as seen, here: 
It is precisely the same kit, let there be no doubt about it.
So, let’s watch his huckster and see what he does:
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