Russia slams fabricated information on Syria’s use of chemical weapons

Moscow, (SANA)- Chairman of the Russian Duma Committee on International Affairs, Alexei Pushkov, warned that the US administration’s decision to provide military assistance to the armed terrorist groups in Syria forms a way towards direct U.S. intervention in the crisis in Syria.

In a statement to the Russian Interfax news agency, Pushkov ruled out that further supply of weapons from the US to the “opposition” in Syria would make a radical change in the balance of power on the ground, which has tended over the past period to be in favor of the Syrian state and leadership.
Commenting on the US’s accusations that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government, Pushkov stressed it is impossible to trust the U.S. allegations, indicating the absence of evidences on such an issue.
He added that it is probable that a scenario would be fabricated where the armed terrorist groups in Syria use chemical weapons “so as to evoke international investigation into the incident where the Syrian government would be blamed”.
“I have a feeling that these accusations are premeditated and is related to the desire of some circles in the US to get the approval of the U.S. President Barack Obama to increase involvement,” said Pushkov.
Pushkov, on his Twitter account on Friday, added that the information about the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons has been “fabricated” in a similar fashion as the lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.
He warned that Obama is following the same approach that was adopted by his predecessor George W. Bush.
The White House issued Thursday allegations accusing the Syrian forces of having used chemical weapons ,at a time when it announced increasing the support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria and providing more arms to these groups.
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