rumor from uk pub about Syrian attack

  • anonymous100 7:20AM

    seams a local indie advert newspaper reporter in a hereford pub overheard a discussion saying that a old chemical raf unit had been reactivated and was training in nbc suits with mock up blast doors at a base nearby …there was also members of us/nato task force mentioned…

    this was going to come out in the paper as a local scoop but its just been closed down with a “d” notice so the story got leaked on the syira reddit page for a few hours until the page went offline and got scrubbed…

    story went as far to say that there was going to be a raid at a place north of damascus and while there tatical Thermobaric weapon were to be used at some type of storage bunker
    also mentioned was cover for the raid is going to be a distraction event at the israel border

    “d” notice this page then hm gov eh??

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