Politicians fear artists as they create new language games

Redux: Full Gilad Atzmon interview for 21st Century Wire TV

JUNE 28, 2013 
Jazz musician and writer Gilad Atzmon explains his writings .  Born in israel he realised he was living on palestinian lands, and moved to london.  Here he found that there were more problems with the pro-israel lobby who’ve harassed him relentlessy.  Why was Lord levy the chief fundraiser when britain got into the iraqi war, he asks.  This is jewish power.  dangerous for britons and for jewish people too.  jews, people who’ve suffered so much, should by now realise, he says.   his generation of israelis are ahead of the game in understanding the world.  they don’t see themselves as jews, but as israelis.    he’s a blogger.  he is driven by truth-seeking and a search for beauty.  when you see the truth, you are just overwhelmed by it.  when you realise you’ve been misled for decades, it makes you very angry, he says.  the problem is topics that are closed to discussion.  good writing is a form of art.  it could lead to ecstatic feelings, the realisation of yourself.  it can make you angry, fearful, excited, relieved.  He seeks emotional transformation not logical analysis which creates stagnation.  ART is a danger to modern politics.

politics is to work within the existing language game.  artists exist to create a new language game.  and this is a threat to the power structures.  when he is shouted at on fox news, it doesn’t bother him.  I’m just laughing at them.

the jewish lobby controls british and american foreign policy, and they want ongoing wars.  they want a war with iran.

21st Century Wire says…

Gilad-Atzmon-interviewThis three-part interview which aired in 2012 on the UK’s SKY PSTV channel 192, features British-Israeli artist and author, Gilad Atzmon, with host Patrick Henningsen, as they take a tough look at the phenomenon of the Israeli political lobby in the US and Britain, the dangers of military escalation in the Middle East, and what it all means to 21st century society.


Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Here we have Gilad Atzmon a honest man, makes a contrast to Newspapers which are run by Liars.

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