Police worldwide casually spray poisons onto faces of innocent bystanders

Iconic Picture of Police Mace Attack Against Brazilian Woman Goes Viral
– Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In the United States the right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the federal constitution, which specifically prohibits Congress from abridging “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress ofgrievances.”

Although often overlooked in favor of other more famous freedoms, and sometimes taken for granted,[link] many other civil liberties are enforceable against the government only by exercising this basic right.[link] The right to petition is fundamental in aConstitutional Republic, such as the United States, as a means of protecting public participation in government.]

. (Photos: Victor Caivano) This might be Brazil, but certain rights are universally God-given and if it takes an over-armed killer with a can of mace to see how much authority respects those rights, then that authority should be removed by the right of the people to govern themselves..

 Not exactly a ‘clear and present danger’…

A captured instance of brazen police brutality against a civilian has, once again, captured the attention of the global community. The shocking photograph of a lone woman being pepper sprayed at close range by Brazilian police has gone viral, drawing criticism and attention to the ongoing mass demonstrations in Brazil—at which the attack took place—and the chronic undercurrent of police violence that so often follows peaceful citizen uprisings.

Ceyda Sungur is gassed in Gezi Park in Istanbul, Turkey on June 4, 2013. (Screenshot via Osman Orsal /YouTube, “long after the protest was over”

he second image is of the infamous incident at the University of California at Davis when a peaceful Occupy protest was met with an overly aggressive show of casual, arrogant police force. This culminated in Officer John Pike directly and deliberately spraying burning yellow chemicals into the faces of the protesters.

Mr Pike should be in jail.


David Turnbull –  Interesting really that police obviously are now free anywhere anytime to brutalise even peaceful protesters, just because they can!  If protesters turn up with anything in hand they are brutally manhandled and charged with carrying/using an offensive weapon!! 

I think it’s time to start retaliating don’t you? ……for we are many….and they are few!
TAP  –  They are so dumb not to realise that what they are doing is wrong, and that one day they will regret their actions.  By which time it will be too late.  Karma applies, and it applies faster the sooner their actions are known and their names are shamed.
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4 Responses to “Police worldwide casually spray poisons onto faces of innocent bystanders”

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is total TOSH, somebody sprays me, they get a punch.

  2. Paul says:

    Things will only start to change when enough people wake up to what is going on. At the moment many seem happy to be brutalised. Until the police start to fear the people or at the very least the rule of common law nothing will change.

    What I do know is that if the gestapo forces called the police keep doing this it will not be long before people start searching out where they live and who their family are. That is my gut feeling on the subject and to be honest I am surprised that the tactic of doing this has not been used yet to pull police off the front line yet. But in the Asymmetrical Warfare to come I would not be surprised if different tactics will start to be used by protesters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, These videos were exposed as Occupy acting.
    The police were sometimes ‘ the crowd ‘, then at another time ‘ police ‘.
    Why they are doing it I do not know.
    Even Alex Jones was at some of the events, in disguise.
    We are being Set Up for something ??

  4. Anonymous says:

    These individuals on the face of it are clearly victims of a crime, the crime of assault.

    We need to be very careful here.

    The response to an assault is self defence, not necessarily retaliation, which is different.

    TPTB want to break down the old order so want an uprising to ferment over time.

    What we are witnessing is Abuse of Power. The word for such is transgression.

    The Lord’s Prayer used to read: “Forgive those that transgress against us” which got changed, it seems, to “debtors” probably by the Rothschild’s.

    Think about it: forgive those who abuse us to forgive those who owe us…

    Those engaged in usury abuse us but we owe them…

    This also links to Common Purpose: Leading Beyond Authority.

    What is Leading Beyond authority?

    Transgression. Same again Abuse of Power.

    I suggest the comment about retaliation is to take the bait, to give TPTB the second element of the Hegelian Dialectic action, REACTION, solution.

    The reality is that this is happening at EVERY level of government in the UK and at almost every level of the judiciary and especially among the Ministry of Justice.


    I personally believe that the Blair government put the word out for all authority to DO AS THOU WILT the whole of the satanic law, hence politicians can abuse kids as they want and are above the law.

    I can tell you the Almighty is not sleeping on the matter.

    We are promised in Malachi 3.5 that He, the mighty I AM, the Living God, the Creator and Almighty IS going to come among us to judge including those “who take advantage of orphans”.

    This refers to a man named John, a Baptist elder, who serially raped 7 year old girls, in his care, and got away with it, or so he thinks.

    He ain’t getting away with it – We’ll be seeing to it that he does not, his having sought to attack me in 1989.

    Keep your eyes on the north east and Revelation 8.5 but be patient just as He is patient.


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