6 Responses to “Police office at Bilderberg says he’s with the activists”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the police there were great. Many of them said they had been looking our stuff up online and were going to research more.
    The G4 lot didn’t interact at all, just scowled.


  2. Anonymous says:

    US plans ‘aggressive’ pursuit of whistleblower

    The whereabouts of whistleblower Edward Snowden were shrouded in mystery as US lawmakers demanded his immediate extradition from Hong Kong over his sensational leaking of an Internet surveillance program.

    Snowden, a 29-year-old technology expert working for a private firm subcontracted to the US National Security Agency, checked out of his Hong Kong hotel after revealing his identity to the British-based Guardian newspaper on Sunday.

    The private contractor has become an instant hero for transparency advocates and libertarians around the globe following his exposure of the NSA’s worldwide monitoring of private users web traffic and phone records.

    But the US government appeared to be gearing up to take action against Snowden on Monday with senior lawmakers



  3. Anonymous says:

    NEW Water cannons are more dangerous & lethal.

    Turkey is the current hot bed of usage of this type of equipment.

    people are not aware that technology has been around for years to use water to cut STEEL in half.

    High pressure industrial water jets are more lethal than the public realises.


  4. Anonymous says:

    NEW tear gas canisters cannons are more dangerous & lethal.

    being used to abuse.

    Turkey is the current hot bed of usage of this type of equipment.

    coming to your city soon.

    People are not aware that these guns are being used to shoot the gas canisters (missiles) directly at the publics HEAD denting hard hats as big as your fist, great only stunned if you have one the reality is the hospitals are receiving many with massive skull & serious head damage persistently.

    it is their brief & plan to maim.

    High power industrial tear gas cylinder guns are more lethal than the public realises.


  5. Anonymous says:

    That copper is about to lose his job, they can’t afford to have sympathisers within their ranks, he’ll either be quietly sacked or shot/stabbed to death in a “terrorist attack”.

  6. Julia says:

    That is realy good to hear that the police have shown an interest. I hold onto the idea that most people are good people deep down,and most people realise something is not right. But some see no way out, and some are misled the wrong way out.

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