PM Cameron won’t let his kids eat GM

Britain’s PM Cameron won’t answer if his family would eat genetically-modified foods

Genetically modified (GM) food is back in the headlines as British Prime Minister Cameron pushes for more GM foods but refuses to say if he would eat them.
TAP – we know what that means.  It’s like Blair and the  MMR.
GM foods could be the savior of many people in the 21st century and beyond as the world population continues to increase and environmental damage hits crops and water supplies, but these foods have their critics.
Thursday the Telegraph reported that the British government is ready to push for GM crops and the legalization of more GM food but Prime Minister Cameron’s personal view remained private. In spite of requests to come clean the familys’ spokesperson would not say if the Camerons’ considered GM food good enough for them and their children.
Asked whether it is safe to eat, he would only go as far as saying there is no “credible basis” for arguing GM crops are “inherently unsafe.”

There is a great deal of secrecy surrounding GM foods in the UK. There are some examples of experimental GM crops being grown in the UK already but it is not widespread or at least that is the claim. Now the government looks set to change the UK GM position once and for all.
Currently, imported animal feed allows GM by-products to enter the UK food-chain. The problem for British consumers is that animals fed on GM feed are not labeled as such. There are strict guidelines in the UK about labeling GM foods to offer the consumer an informed choice but this is not the case with meat. We know that European food labeling is flawed anyway, as the horse-meat scandal of early 2013 showed.
More worrying perhaps though is the EU’s stance. Authorities in the EU have given the green light to “allow GM feed to include trace levels of crops which have no safety approval in Europe” reports GeneWatch UK.
Scientific advances are often life-saving but not all change is for the better. The problem with allowing GM crops to flourish and be deregulated is that by the time we realize it may have been a bad move it will be too late.
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  1. Nixon Scraypes says:

    I have heard that the House of commons cafeteria only serves organic food and of course the Monsanto HQ as well.

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